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  1. Most of us are familiar with nail knots, whipped loops, and aftermarket loop connectors being the logical choices for connecting a fly line to a leader butt. Has anyone but myself ever used a perfection loop in the end of a fly line as such a connection? I've found them to be the easiest connection to create and to be very durable, as well. Why is this not a popular method? Am I missing something? :dunno:
  2. I'm curious to know which rod weights, actions, and lengths all of you prefer for the following species: panfish, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass. I know there isn't one perfect rod for all situations, but if you had to grab only one for each, which would it be? I like a 7ft 3wt medium action for panfish, a 9ft 7wt med. fast action for smallies, and a 9ft 8wt med. fast action for bucketmouths. Anybody?
  3. Greetings, I am a long time fly fisherman (15+yrs) having spent most of my time pursuing bass and trout. I've done some striper fishing with a fly rod in the upper Chesapeake Bay, but not much. I'm looking for some suggestions in regard to good places to try for stripers, blues, etc. in the Mid-Atlantic region. As I don't have a boat, any tips on good places to fish the surf or wade would be appreciated. Thanks.
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