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  1. I'll ask around for you JZ
  2. Just a idea, but check with your local taxidermist. We always offcuts of deer and birds that are thrown away. Any taxidermist will be glad to give you his/hers scraps.
  3. Hey everyone. I am a Georgia girl living in New Zealand. I become addicted to fly fishing last year and had over 30 rainbows to my credit just being a beginner, but then again I was so addicted I spent every afternoon at the river practicing till I mastered the art. I expressed a interest in tying flies and my husband presented me with the equipment last week. Now I am turning to your site for questions and lessons. My husband and myself are taxidermists here so hair, fur, and feathers are plentiful in our shop and many off cuts are simply throwed away. Now I can use this this my advantage for free!! Looking forward to reading all your info and hopefully get started soon. Crystal
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