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  1. Sherri, I'll have mom take mine to the meeting. Tied a little biot nymph... O_o
  2. My only "gripe" about this fly would be the dubbing up front. Next time try chopping your dubbing up and then waxing your thread and putting that dubbing in a loop. It will make the dubbing much spikier (or however you spell is xP). Not that it really matters to the fish unless they have a PHD in entomology but its a personal opinion. Forgot to mention it in the first one but, Welcome to the forums!
  3. Awesome fly! Very interesting name as well
  4. omg, how? I saw on like channel 8 that they were sold out in about 45 minutes...
  5. Will's a terrible person eh Steve?
  6. I use it for the backs on nymphs such as a Hoover or Frontliner.
  7. I can't wait for Southern Council! I live over here in the ozarks as well. Try looking in Fort Smith, I think its an hours drive from me to there and a total of 4 hours to Southern Council. So it wouldn't be any different than Little Rock.
  8. The Chargers are too agressive in the front and sleek in the back. I like the way the caddi is so low to the ground and kinda boxy! lol
  9. I didn't even know some of these people were still alive.... O_o
  10. I'm normally trying to imitate one thing in particular so I find different materials that match the color before I find things that match the movement. Kevin, imma borrow that pattern! Do you have problems with that one getting down in the water column?
  11. Bud, Can I get a new 300 if I start nagging at you for your habbits? haha I love the 300's
  12. ......huh? Turns out a Perch isn't the same as a sunfish! haha We just call them perch down here.... xP The guy that posted before me is right.... ( I didn't feel like trying to type out your name) It is confusing!
  13. Decoration...... lol jk I think that they are there for if more people want to sign up then they can. :dunno: Thats my guess!
  14. oh! ok lol.... I forgot I had posted that....
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