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  1. Thanks! I have started to mix in natural materials for saltwater flies against my better judgement that little bitey fish always seem to destroy flies fished in deeper water that arent synthetic. but patterns strictly for sight casting get a pass. I will be happy to let a redfish or trout destroy one like this! They only take about five minutes to tie when Im on a roll. I think I put coyote as the tail but its really badger I think.
  2. How big of a problem has it been lately with ghost swappers disappearing? I did three or four a couple years ago to force myself to work on my consistency and out of all of them there were only a couple flies missing and one of the guys had health probs so it was understandable. I havent been an every day or even week site lurker lately and just would like to know.
  3. I say grab some chicken necks and string and fill a bucket with those delicious crabs.
  4. Man that sucks. Im from Texas and have heard nothing about this. I did listen to the ask about fly fishing podcast when they talked about your bunker. My dad goes up to Hingham every fall with his wife to visit her family for about a month and he fishes for striper with speckled trout and redfish lures in the weir river. (thats how u spell that?) He usually catches a couple keepers when he's there but he might only keep one each year. Funny but he noticed the bunker shortage too.
  5. I would like to see that. Never used hair but seems like a good price. I have the same problem with 3mm foam sheets I bought from a hobby store. Their like 1ft by 2ft. Great quality and I'm blasting through the green/brown/black/etc but I don't know if Ill ever use that much blue foam hah. For the price I couldn't pass though. It was like 99 cents a sheet.
  6. I looked at the link for the hair. Looks pretty good. When you show one of your fly's tied with that stuff to people and they ask what brand you use do you just say "either Heather or Christina" and then give a long pause?
  7. Got my first x-mas box from FTD in december and have a ton of stuff to experiment with. Half the fun of that box is finding uses for things your not used to tying with. Little bitty legs, different dubbing, tons of flash to use and blend. Northern lights brushed in on the sides of an ep fly? awesome.
  8. This is a good thread. Being a coastal angler. I often refer to lure/fly colors in old mirrolure "code". Heres some examples. They have the Texas and Electric.
  9. I like your style red, If you like the wii DONT get the Kinect. I have been dancing like a happy rainbow for the last month.
  10. Well its your turn to find out brutha! Not as sweet as their tears but you know...pretty tasty with eggs in the morning! Meat of the unicorn from Amazon.
  11. So you slide the head on last? Sorry if I am a bit behind the pack but that would make it soooo much easier to add all kinds of mess if the head would just slide on and tuck everything at a neat angle. I really like this fly. I want to take it to Fayette County in the winter and slow hop it on mid lake points.
  12. dude your crazy like unicorn meat. For those deep deep rocky bottoms eh?
  13. Panama, and anyone else that fishes Florida. Whats up with the winter trout fishing? As far as trophy hunters in Texas, winter is big buisiness for guides. Hows the winter trout fishing down there? I know you guys have monster trout down there but are there many anglers that go out to target them during the cold months or do you mainly fish for reds on the nice days?
  14. Right? Go to bass pro shops and look at all the new fancy stickbaits and designer crankbaits and then walk right past that isle and go to the one where they still sell bomber long a's and slapsticks! I dont care what people call their tools. For me its a grey area between weight and if it was tied by hand. Although if you tie striper jigs on 1/2 oz heads you wouldnt call that a fly. At least I wouldnt. If I could cast a fly on a spinning rod with 10 lb line the bait in question is right in the middle of that grey area. I just thought the line was on a fly rod to cast the fly. And the lure is used as weight to cast on a baitcaster. Although to fish quickly and effectively you might have to add a little more weight on a fly for fast or deep water. And flys tied with more weight for specific applications donesnt make them lures because you could cast them on a spinning reel. It just makes them flys tied to be fished within certain parameters. So there are a lot of variables and when someone doesnt take them into account they make uneducated assumptions about certain flys because they could be cast on a spinner so its obviously a lure. Maybe? I just hate when people say "on the fly". Uhhhg.
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