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  1. Now thats a meat and potatoes fly! Nice.
  2. Ouch, sorry about that but it happens. I have heard that phrase before and married a girl who understands and actually orders me to go fishing.
  3. Instant Virus Alert when checking out the website :bugeyes: Howdy Matt, what's the father-in-laws tarpon fly supply consist of other than the foam toads with zonker tails ? Been tying EP's & ran out of 7.5 & 9mm eyes to put on the flies until a shop gets some in:crying: Hey Dave hope all is well! I tied him a few cockroaches, foam toads, a few -Capt. Matt white seaducer looking things -that work well for me in the keys, and I threw in a dozen Matt's Magic's =my go to everything fly named by my buddy in Jackson Hole named a few years ago- Tarpon, Snook, Reds etc... all eat it. I think the toad easily passes for a pass crab around the passes. Longears, again, go to fishbuzztv.com and check out the location x floaty fly otherwise known as the Tarpon foam toad. I think it will work but havent had a chance to fish it yet. Sorry I dont have a pic handy. Its tied the same as the regular toad but with foam for the body. You can vary the color combonations as well. Its a fun fly to tie.
  4. Did you ask the guides what specific patterns they recomend? Check out fishbuzztv.com for some videos. Any fly with a zonker strip should do well, cockroaches are great flies, and I am exicted to try the foam tarpon toad fly. I just sent a bunch down to my father in law to try out. hope this gets you started. i havent had any coffee yet so forgive to choppy post.
  5. Hey Jeff, Long time no talk. Im still sorry for the mix up in Utah, I thought you had said you had to be gone that weekend! My bad!
  6. Nice Carl, Im fixin to sit down at the vice and tie a few pupae myself.
  7. Not in this one but the place we are moving into this June will. I worry though because its outside and even though it locks, the humidity and possibility of bugs worries me a little. Nothing a dehumidifier couldnt fix but the bugs....
  8. thats a mess, i generally cannot function in a area where i cant find anything , and if i am losing tools i stop , re-group vaccum if i need to and get back to it, some times i am tyin a dozen flies or a couple hundred so i gotta stay organized or its meltdown time. I know exactly where everything is in there!
  9. I also love a neat and organized space. However, I have to keep all my stuff in rubber maid tubs and unpack it evrytime I want to tie. Kinda hard to avoid mess. When Im at it for several nights in a row, the outcome is what you see in the pics.
  10. Moving from a house to an apartment is tough. I used to have a man room, now the only space to tie is on our little kitchen table within our 2 bedroom apartment. How many of you would be in the dog house for this mess on the kitchen table? Lets see some more pics so we all have a little ammo against those who would dare make us clean our tying space (Tying Space=politically correct fly fishing term for mess)
  11. Welcome Matt, Im a Western PA boy myself, originally.
  12. I'm a Sales and Marketing Rep for a Ski Accessory Distribution Company. Formally a Saltwater Guide in Florida until I had a son and had to get reponsible. I also dabble in Free lance Writing.
  13. Yep that will do it... All materials tied in behind the hook eye. P.S Not all trout are Palm sized ha ha
  14. Lets see some of those ties Dave! :yahoo: Just kidding around, hope all is well with you and I hope to get down there soon. Hey nu2trout, I suggest a simple fly for starters: hook: mustad 34007 #2 or whatever hook but I like size 2 thread: White 6/0 Body: Buck Tail -tied behind the eye Accent Material: Sparse Rainbow krystal flash Over Wing: Peacock Herl Throat: Red Krystal Flash This is a good start, get creative and take it from there but that simple fly catches fish ie. snook. Just my 2 cents. Cheers
  15. Let me first say that I have never night fished for tarpon on the IC. So im not an expert but hopefully I can provide some insight.... The bridges hold fish, as the lights from the overpass attract bait schools. I have seen tarpon under the 41 bridge in Fort Myers rolling etc... If I were you, and i wanted to dredge for poons at night, I would use a sinking line, may be can get away with an intermediate, and cast beyond the shadows of the bridge lights. Experiment with different retrieve rates until you find something that works. Dark flies, black and purple, olive and black etc.... Cockroaches, seaducers, etc.... SHOULD work in dark colors. Tie good knots, have a sturdy flouro leader set up with a loop know to the fly. Thats what I would do... take it for what its worth but id rather sight cast to em! Good Luck! Capt. Matt
  16. Thats what I was looking for. I plan on asking the editor as well but thought Id check here as well. I only have a cannon power shot, it takes great pics but Im not sure ho to set to RAW if I can at all. I have to look into it. thanks again guys.
  17. Thanks for the replies. Let me rephrase. I recently had an article I wrote accepted by a major magazine. the photos were unusable becasue they were resized???? I scanned the photos from my comp after downloaded them from my camera and never touched them other than to scan. Now its not that big of a deal, the article is still running but with illustrations instead of photos. My question is mainly, how can I prevent resizing etc... When downloaded my pics. In addition, I know that JPEG Files do not work well to save the pics. What is the best way to save the files? Thanks Again Guys.
  18. Hi Guys, Quick question.... When taking shots for magazine articles what camera settings are necessary? What type of file should the imgages be downloaded in? How should the images be sent? Thanks in advance.
  19. Fish Buzz TV has a few good ones. Its been a while since Ive been on that site but its worth checking out. http://www.fishbuzztv.com/ At a glance I like Bill Jacksons White Bait for starters. Not exactly step by step recipies but it will help. Good Luck
  20. A test indeed. I was thinking about heading down there Friday.
  21. Hey Carl, This really caught my eye! I’m loving the materials that you choose for this. Nicely Done
  22. Tie that and add some tints of gray to it It looks more olive in the pic. That pattern, -That is very well tied by the way!- looks more like a threadfin in color. Also in adition to the wihtie belly try a tan or ligh gray for the darker river water. not that it will matter, but if you are specifically looking for a mullet pattern...... Also try some clouser looking stuff, without the eyes and use blue and rainbow krystal flash, that should work well too. Refular clousers will do great Im sure. Nice job on the 3D, trimmng and all that stuff, Good looking Fly!!
  23. Nice Tie, the only thing I would ask is if the hook was stainless steel? It didnt look like it form the pic but I habve known to be wrong from time to time. Other than that nicely done
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