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  1. I like the variation. Sort of a full dress version.
  2. Spam on this post?? Great fly, I'll bet it would be deadly on Smallmouth & Walleye as well.
  3. A trio of all-synthetic Tom Nixon Mickey Finns. These were built with some old EP Sea-Fibers, chennille, Sparkle Braid & rubber hackle (in place of the lemon Wood Duck fibers). I had every intention of passing these out at the GCFFF conclave in Lake Charles, but could not make due to household chores. Therefore I will have to test them out on my own!
  4. Good Day, Aquaculture and the aquarium industry have spread these species all over the place. For example, Peacock Bass are now common in Singapore's resevoirs... Ray - Yes! The food is outstanding! Steelie Coincidentally, I was just on the FlyFish Thailand website. Noticed all the non-native species and chalked it up to fish farming. Did you get to fish much in Singapoe Steelie?
  5. I've used a Gartside Gurgler tied with nylon rope as tail material. Gar seem to like the action of the Gurgler and you can make a nice long tail with the rope, plus you are able to mix in some flash as well.
  6. Looks great Fred! I like how detailed the head is, right down to the tympanic membrane. I hope to see a few in person at the Lake Charles Conclave in May.
  7. Welcome! Give this a try- http://www.flyfishohio.com/Puglisi_Baitfish.htm
  8. I use Sally Hanson's clear on my balsa bugs. Nice gloss and easy to work with. I read an article about Charlie Kears and his poppers (which are outstanding) and he mentions a brand of industrial epoxy. I will post with the brand when I find the article.
  9. Either the Argentine marshes for Dorado on big streamers, plenty of wildlife viewing. OR The Rio Colorado in Costa Rica banging the banks with popping bugs for Guapote, Machaca, Mojarra and Snook. AND I would take Playboy Playmates & would'nt even care if they are shallow!
  10. I like 'em. They look deadly!
  11. I too recall Dave Whitlock advocating using waterside debris (mud, algae etc) to mask the chemical scent of his flies. Personally I think if you are within the regs of the waters you're fishing and/or not trying to obtain a fly-only record, have at it. I flyfish 99.9% of the time and largely prefer to use flies I tied myself. I don't get the same satisfaction of a good catch using other methods or other's flies. That being said I am not above scenting my fly. Once I was in Marathon FL at a roadside park with only 4 hrs to fish & no knowledge of the local water. So I rubbed some shrimp on my Equine Charlie and proceeded to chum with the rest of the shrimp. Had to do something to increase my chances.
  12. You bugs look good Bru. I like to use balsa for my poppers mainly. Sure it is more time consuming, but you can create any custom body you wish with a Dremel and sanding block.
  13. I was inspired to tie this up after looking at the Spring 1984 FlyTyer. Tom Nixon wrote of creating the White Miller Streamer for a trout fishing friend. I thought it be a great candidate for a all synthetic build. I used Tri-Lobal hackle and Polar-Aire in the construction of this fly. I may have to trim the foam tail in the field after I see it's action in the water. This shoud be a good imitation of "whitebait". I want to thank the late Mark Delaney for rekindling my interest in Tom's patterns. It's been great fun tying variations of his work.
  14. This fly is an impression of a Midas Cichlid (Amphilophus Citrinellus) which you may find swimming in South Florida's canals. These bright little fish are both foes and prey for Peacock Bass. I constructed this fly from orange EP 3-D fiber with white fibers for a beard, with a little Holo-Flash thrown in. All lashe to a Gakamatsu #4 b/c you never know what else is in the canals! I really liked the shades in the 3-D blend, I hope they come thru well in the photo. I hope to make a return someday to S. Fl and let this fly swim.
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