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  1. Two words... Road Kill Can be a bit embarrassing to stop and yank a few tail feathers out, but its a heck of a lot cheaper!
  2. I have the Renzetti traveler... ...and love it! Hope that helps.
  3. lol. Not to worry smallie...
  4. WoLFMaN

    Labor day

    I'll be fishing in the surf w/ glow spoons late night for Kings/Cohos, and harassing the local goose population.
  5. Vices, Living in Michigan.... GO WINGS!! It is too bad the U.S. Didn't tie that up. Poor Chelios.
  6. Crystal Meth, and Estaz eggs. Bring on the salmon!
  7. Tim- hit up the hex hatch if you have it in your area for some fantastic late night action. Riverboy- I heard the trout in sagnasty have 3 eyes... All to see the mouse better!!
  8. QUOTE SmallieHunter Posted on Sep 1 2004, 09:39 AM I actually prefer to have my own manly scent on my Steelhead flies. It has been known to draw in those big fiesty females like a magnet. Bwhahahahaaaaa!
  9. I dont use scent and I never have fished w/ anyone that does. It may work? I would think in a river with all the current it would be washed off so fast that it wouldnt make a difference. JB
  10. Brent- I dont know if I would rather fish w/ that stone, or frame it?! Nice king Ken... Im headin out this weekend to try my luck in the surf.... Woo hoo! JB
  11. Good lookin fly ken! Do you strip that or just dead drift it along bottom? Whats the technique? JB
  12. Bwahahah! Yeah that counts
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