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  1. Funky, I have never seen a rib like that. I like it.
  2. In that situation for me I tie off the bulky stuff like tinsel and stems on the underside of the hook. That way the top of the hook is free of debris and clear for wings and stuff.
  3. Nice colors and a good selection to chose from your winter box. Do you have any recipies or are they just off the cuff. If so, good cuff work.
  4. I think that there are some nice steelhead in Oregon that would like to tangle with this beauty.
  5. The body and rib are great.
  6. Yes indeed. If you are over my way anytime let me know somehow and maybe we could find the time to meet.
  7. Great color combinations. I am heading to the river in a couple of days I might tie one up. You did a good job translating the idea into the real thing. I definately like the fire.
  8. That is a great looking little fly that should do well attracting a great looking fish. Enjoy fishing and let us know what you catch with it.
  9. Nice work. I have been keeping a left eye on that pattern for a few years, maybe I'll tie it some day.
  10. I like that rear hackle, it should push some water and make some noise. Kind of like ringing the dinner bell.
  11. Nice work. I have been tying some Lady Carolines lately, I think I will follow your lead. I do like the Dee style.
  12. I figured it out. Thanks for the information.
  13. I notice that I am tagged as a bait fisherman which I am not. How do you change the tag at the left of my member name to something else. ie advanced? I can not figure it out. :dunno:
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