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  1. nice job! Now how about some different colors. I saw some olive green and dark brown ones the other day. That's why I love Caddis, they come in such a variety!
  2. Nice pattern!! I've tied a pheasant tail emerger using white cdc puffs. These patterns seem to work during rises and trout transfering from the bottom to the top.
  3. Tony, Thats exactly the feed back I wanted. I feel your frustration...It's the fuel that feeds the fire, When someone tells me that "You can't do it because it was already done that's what makes me try harder. I know there are books on bugs,but they don't explain why we tie certain patterns to resemble these bugs, Is it because of the color or size? There is no book that explains this. I have determined I'm sure as you have that the patterns do not need to be exactly replicated as long as you match the color or size. There is no scientific proof that trout are smarter than other fish, but they put up a good argument some times with there stuborness and selectivity. It's true that trout are selective and you can watch trout for hours selecting certain flies, But if you look again you will see they might be actually eating the nymphs coming to the surface ... Thanks tony again! Any one else???
  4. Hello all here is am sure another great topic I thought of to discuss... Dear Fly tying forum, Recently I have decided that I no longer want to tie patterns that are either complex or complicated (WATERWISP!! I CANT TIE THEM TO SAVE A BROOK TROUT). I want to tie flies that resemble the flies either in my area or similar to the species. I want to be able spend less time tying and more time fishing ( I know some are you are saying " Don't tie flies then, But I can dream right??) I will be conducting a Macroinvertebre study on My home river this Late Spring with the NYSDEC Fisheries. I don't want to wait that long because I have time now and come Late Spring starts my busy season.( I WONT BE ABLE TO TIE ANY FLIES... I KNOW SAD) So to all you anglers that catch fish, Do you mainly tie patterns that are attractors, {NOW attractor patterns to me are anything that's not directly tied to represent any particular mayfly or bug naturally found in the water(i.e. Stimulators and Woolly buggers. Yes I believe that woolly's are attractor patterns! Streamers yes, but attractor patterns...Is it wrong that I don't tie these so called "caught more trout than Lefty" Patterns..HAHA. I'm not the type to put a pattern down, But I don't have as much luck or don't enjoy fishing these patterns as much as other methods I use)} or DO you the type of tyer that tie patterns that resemble the patterns in your area ( BWO, Sulfers, Hendricksons,....etc). So first question Do you mainly tie attractor patterns or are you a MATCH THE HATCH GUY/GIRL? ( Recently I have been conducting my own experiment That you catch more fish fishing the nymph or Emerger pattern than matching the so hatch on the water) IF you are a Match the hatch guy/girl What Hatch guide or where on this Internet is there a Guide on entomology and/or what guide do you use? I have looked at a dozen or so patterns and I have posted numerous threads about "What patterns are the most popular?" That statement seems like it is on every fly anglers mind..but when asked makes the person who asked it look like he just asked the most ridiculous question. To me it's like hunting the same spot yesterday you saw deer doesn't mean that there will be deer there tomorrow. The same goes with fly fishing...Just because that pattern is a Top five doesnt mean that it will work in your area or all the time. Some can argue that it will work 80 % of the time, So it will still work. But I think I speak for everyone else that Fly Fishing there is not one pattern that is guaranteed to work all the time. (ex.Top five patterns thread- that was ME) But it seems that most people either create variants or tie certain patterns that have known to work in their area. I myself is a variant tyer or should I say that I tend to attempt to tie a particular pattern get to the point where it looks like the pattern I'm suppose to replicate but end up tying a variant of the pattern either I ran out of the material I was suppose to use or something went wrong with the last wrap that made it turn into a disaster. So I conclude with this...This sport we have ventured in is an ever changing one. Don't let anyone tell you that what ever you think was done in Fly fishing was done already..IT might have been one time or another but today is a different day..And today you might have stocked your box with freshly tied patterns that you thought would be what was hatching but end up tying the fly to big or not the right color...It happens to every one...Unless you have a travel vise :hyst: .... Remember Pretty flies catch people and ugly flies catch fish! Thanks to everyone for reading this. If you made it all the way to here I applaud you! :yahoo: I hope I can get feed back from all of you Thanks ChuckFlies and Tight Lines!!
  5. Thanks for your help guys!! I'm tying five patterns tonight..Now I have a better idea of some popular patterns
  6. If you could tie just 5 patterns what patterns would you tie? These patterns can be done in all sizes but you can only tie 5 patterns.... Here are mine: 1. Gold beaded hare's tail sizes: 14-20 2. Brown hackle peacock sizes: 14-18 3. Black caddis sizes: 16-20 4. Adams: sizes 16-22 5. Blue wing olive nymphs:14-18 What are your patterns??
  7. Did you check out the hush fly guys?
  8. I saw no FTF TEES on anyone who said they were going to wear them....OH wait I know why I didn't see any because it was 28 degrees all weekend!! Good show~!
  9. Hello Everyone, Well I guess I will begin with the EXPO. I recently attended the Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing EXPO, I spent alot of money that should have gone to other things....The show was The best I've been to. Knowlegable friendly vendors eager to take your money...I spotted HATCHES Mag a total of like 4 times in various booths. Keough is one that remember. I met some classy guys From Hush fly, There stuff was great, and they let us hang with them all day-Shout out to hush fly..Nice job. Check them out at www.hushflyfishing.com. I picked up a March brown 4 wt travel rod, Sharkskin fly line..99 bucks but it's worth it, Fly tying supplies from Shu-Fly, J STOCKARD WAS TRUELY MISSED AT THIS EXPO!!! I WISH YOU GUYS WERE THERE... . Overall I wish there were more shows that i could go to and network with some of the best people in the business. On to tying... I have officialy kicked off the "Tie your box before April 1st contest". My fly fishing buddy and I have to tie our flies to fill our boxes before April 1st opening Day for trout in Ny or else the other guy gets the other guys flies!! I tied some brown hackle peacock, BWO, And a different Muddler Minnow White deer hair.. Pics will be posted soon. I was able to spin deer hair for the first time with ease, And I'm impressed with the spun white deer hair. Ok that's my report. On to tying!~ -Chuck
  10. Booked the hotel and waiting for the 25th!! I need hackle, Fly line, And some materials to make may flies for the up coming season!!
  11. Is anyone going to the Fly fishing Expo in sommerset NJ? Jan 25-27th Looks like a good show. Has anyone gone in the previous years?
  12. I heard there are mited on the feathers or is it just for Hair?? I was told to through it in a cedar box to rid them of any mites..Yes or no? I work for Wildlife conservation in NY So I get a ton of feathers..
  13. I dont have many ornaments with me where i moved, but have a ton of fly tying materials to tie up some ornaments!! Thanks for the idea!!
  14. Sanyo has a digital waterproof camera/ video recorder for like 300 bucks. It has a pistol grip and is waterproof to 5 feet. http://www.sanyodigital.com/e1.aspx
  15. Good job by all. I will make time next year to enter!! stunning flies by all!!
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