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  1. Ok. So it was a really bad joke. I still love telling it because the expressions you get are priceless. There are a few people that I know that still don't get it.
  2. Ok, here's one to go along with the bar joke. Two guys walk into a bar. The third one ducked...
  3. Backlash


    I'll second that! The best part is that I have daytime running lights on the car...I don't even have to think about it On a side note, I just hope that everybody here actually votes this November and encourages everyone they know to go wout and vote. I really don't care who you vote for as long as you vote. (And if you're torn between Kerry and Nader, I would encourage you to vote for Nader ) I've talked to too many people that just whine about how bad the president is and when I ask them if they voted in the last election, out comes the big "No." If you ask me, you have no right to complain about the elected president if you didn't take the time to actually go vote.
  4. I sure hope all of this is going to clear up soon. We are going on a cruise the first week of October. I'm beginning to think the only thing we'll see is driftwood... I really feel sorry for all of the people down there. If I could afford a couple of months off, I would go down and help with the clean-up. I work for a utility company, and I've heard that they are sending some crews down to help restore power. I'd be willing to go, but I don't think they have any use for a GIS (mapping) specialist.
  5. As much as I dislike the Irish, I was happy to see that they beat Michigan. Being raised a Hawkeye, I really enjoy it when ANYBODY beats Michigan...and Michigan State...and Illinois...and, well you get the picture.
  6. Ok, My wife now has a team set up. (I should probably tell her ) We should be good to go!
  7. Welcome. I'm prettty new here too, but there are a lot of great people here. Like Smallie said, don't be afraid to jump in to a discussion. The people around here don't bite. (too hard.)
  8. If people don't mind, I can set up a team with my wife's Yahoo! account. I've already rearranged my rankings, so I'll just set up the dummy team and not touch it. If this is okay with everyone, I can get it set up this afternoon.
  9. Max is home now. I had to get out of the house on Friday to let the varnish on the floors dry, so Emily and I went to the vet to check on Max. The vet didn't see why we couldn't take him with us, so he got to come home. We all went to Iowa City to watch the game, and then to the in-laws. We started him in the pool on Sunday, but he did't really like it too much. He just kept going around in circles...go figure! Anyway, he seems to be lifting the hurt leg a little bit, but I can't tell if he is just getting stronger and standing up straighter on the other leg. I keep poking his leg with something sharp to see if he has any feeling, and there seems to be something there. He's been whining off and on, so I hope something is starting to hurt. One good thing came out of this though. Emily saw how happy Max got when he saw my friends dogs and her parents dog, and I get to bring a new friend home for Max to play with. I had called one of the breeder/trainers around here to see of he had experienced anything similar with one of his dogs, and inquired whether or not he was planning on having another litter this year. Yep, he had just bred two of his best dogs the weekend before. The toughest part of taking care of Max right now is to make sure he doesn't hurt his paw from dragging it around. He does a good job of keeping it clean, and we just bought some hunting boots to keep on in when we're outside. All in all, he's getting along pretty well, but it's going to be a long road to recovery. I just wish he did't have to miss hunting season this year. He's a generally happy dog, but you can really see it in his eyes when we're out in the field. Thanks for the concerns everyone, I really appreciate it.
  10. Ok, I'm in. Might as well give this a whirl.
  11. I've used Custom Grip as accent rings on a cork grip. It really does add to the look of the grip, but it doesn't sand down like the cork does. I did the final sanding on the lathe, an it all looked like it was coming out find, but the Custom Grip just doesn't sand down as fast as the cork. The result is ribs of the Custom Grip instead of bands of color. If I were going to reccomend color accents to people, I would keep the same material throughout the grip. (ie: cork with rubberized cork accents, EVA with EVA, etc.) The last issue of Rod Building had a nice article of making multi-colored EVA foam grips.
  12. Backlash


    I wouldn't be too concerned about this being a scam. Blank makers are pretty picky about their blanks. My father-in-law has been able to buy some blanks at the rod builing conclaves for dirt cheap. (I'm talking $10-$20!) The problmes with most of these are just blemishes that most people can't see. The most important thing to look for on a rod is a dent in the surface. That will always be the weakest part of the rod, and will be where it breaks under pressure. At one of the last conclaves, Todd from Lamiglas gave my father-in-law 2 of the Ti2000 prototypes...Just GAVE them to him... Todd told him that they couldn't be packaged and sold because they weren't quite up to production statndards. I've seen them. The look good enough to me. Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me that this guy was able to to get these blanks cheap and sell them at these prices. I'm just guessing that Loomis didn't want his name on the blanks in case they weren't up to his standards. Hence no labels or warranties.
  13. I just wanted to add a little tip for finishing with your whipping loop. If you lay the loop down a few turns earlier, and trim the tag end of the thread before you pull the loop all the way out, the tag gets buried under the wrap. This way you don't have to worry about flaming it or trimming it when you seal the threads with your flex coat.
  14. Thanks everybody. I'm feeling a lot better. The initial shock just made me feel like somebody kicked me in the nuts and punched me in the gut at the same time. The wife and I have decided to bring him home as soon as we can and are going to attempt some physical therapy for a couple of months and see how things go. The vet told us about one of his first patients, a dachund, that had back problems and couldn't walk. The owner filled up his bathtub every night and swam his dog in the tub. Luckily for us, we have a small lake 3 blocke from our house. The plans are to take him to the lake and get him swimming and then to keep masaging his shoulder and leg. Once again, thanks everybody. I really appreciate it.
  15. Backlash

    Vest or Pack

    I've been in the same dilema too. I did stop to look at the Filson foul weather vest. It's very nice, and I like the fact that it has a nice big bellows pocket in the back, but it is difinatley not a warm weather vest. I have a waxed baseball from Filson, and it gets hot fast! I haven't been able to find one of their chest packs, but I am seriously considering one of those. I know that people balk at the price of Filson stuff, but in this case, you really get what you pay for. I have a variety of things from Filson, and they look just as good as they did new. I actually have something new to compare them to. My wife just gave me a new gun case for our anniversary. I personally wouldn't have spent the money, but I'm glad she did!
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