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  1. Can just imagine drifting that puppy on the big water near Mio on a balmy june evening!!!! Steve
  2. Oh Okay, you must have found the hammer!! Steve
  3. Shoebop, run a long hot bath, pick up computer and drop it in said bath, problem solved!! Steve
  4. Hey Paul where is the closest Motel ? B+B, I will probably make weekend of it Steve
  5. Evan I got mine today as well, great set of flies folks, thanks for hosting Evan. Steve
  6. Flies are in the mail, you should get them early next week Steve
  7. Blane mine will be mailed on Sat, I will cross the border and mail them from Detroit, it will be quicker. I have also done next months so I will send them as well. Steve
  8. Did some size 18 bwo bead head nymphs, need an addy please. Steve
  9. Steve, I"ll take the big orange one and can I supersize the fries to go with that please. Steve
  10. There is a mag in the UK called Fly fishing and fly tying they have a specific section that deals with vintage tackle, try this for more info [email protected] or alternatively google Chris Sandford, he is an expert in this field and writes for the same magazine. Steve
  11. Thanks Paul I have had a blast for the last 2 days with plenty of family around to share the fun. Age as they say is a state of mind, and the state of my mind is??????????? Steve
  12. got mine today Tim, thanks for hosting again. They are under the tree ready for the big day. Steve
  13. Hey Kevin, I would be in if the date is later in Feb Steve
  14. Now you guys need to look up veal ham and egg pie, another British classic, and if you want to do a slightly healthier scotch ecc try baking them instead of deep frying. Steve
  15. nice pics Steve, what settings did you use on the camera Steve
  16. KUDOS to you Riff well done for opening up a swap for the newbies, we can't keep relying on us old farts all the time!! Steve
  17. Paul Did you see the size 54's I put in with the Dec Flies? or did they fall through the crack in the box? Steve
  18. Hey Riff thanks again, just confirming I am in Steve
  19. Paul I am going over to Detroit tomorrow and will mail Nov and Dec, really sorry for the delay, don't worry about sending Nov. hold on to them and send Nov/Dec at the same time. Thanks for hosting a great swap again ps if it runs again I'm in Steve
  20. Evan please send addy and I will mail them tomorrow Steve
  21. Sorry Guys I dropped the ball!! I thought I was up to date I will get them done and in the mail asap, I will send the dec flies at the same time, again appologies to you all. Steve
  22. I thought I might "pre age mine and make the version the looks like it has already caught 6 trout, so the wing will probably look really shredded or have been chewed off !!!!
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