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  1. The proportions look good. Hard to say anymore as the pics are pretty fuzzy
  2. Fly tyer guy. if you do ever get a pair of the tungsten scissors, treat them like the last surviving bustard (or indian crow) egg. Don't: - drop, - set them on a pile of anything, - let someone else use them, - let your wife use them, - cut anything harder or larger than a hackle stem for a size 12 dry fly and never cut any tinsel (unless mylar) lead wire or bead chain. Day 5 - Following these rules I have good luck with the tungsten scissors. Drop them once from any appreciable height and they are junk drawer fodder. Being that you tie sooooo much, babying a pair of scissor is likely to slow you down to the point that it would be cheaper to buy multiples of the cheaper ones While I don't tie as much as you, I do tie a lot. I have a shoe box with all my old scissors. I would like to try sharpening, but the cost of professional sharpening is almost as much as a pair of scissors. I really don't know why I am saving them. I have been wanting to attend one of the hair stylists trade shows. The good hair cutter girls that I have been to have some incredible scissors. They also have an incredible price tag($300) and itty bitty finger holes. Surely they make them with manhole finger slots. Might even get a break on the price at a trade show. I have played a little with my favorite girls scissors and they were impressive. Best scissors I have ever used. Last place to look is the medical field. my $.02 with change
  3. everything that duckdoty said. Had lots fun fishing there in Tulsa... just didn't catch much other than drum and the rare small bass. I did get a sore shoulder from throwing the big heavy stuff all day!
  4. What flytyingscotsman said, try the vice if at all possible b4 buying. I have 3 different dyna-kings, the renz travler, the regal and a couple of thompsons. The dyna kings are my favorite for all around, especially for deer hair creations. . I have the Sidewinder, ron abby and the Barracuda. I ended up buying (and making one) the larger bases for all of my vises. When you buy the vise you may get whomever you get it from to throw in the larger base for no xtra charge. If at all possible: I would keep your traveler, buy the barracuda (better materials than the trekker) and get the saltwater base. You will not regret keeping the traveler. Just save for a little longer!
  5. doty - Warning.... LONG WINDED REPLY AHEAD!! Lot of good info here. I use a little from each, it just depends on the use. - Have a bunch of heads, wash the whole lot. Light detergent. Wash the heads like you wash your hair. Rinse each head several times. Shake off excess water and lay heads on wifes nice oak table. As you lay each one down curl the toppings around your finger, they will straighten as they dry. This method is great if you are selling them as it is quick, easier to grade afterwards and they will be about 90% straight. - Tying a fly in a class. Start with one of the above heads, select the crests you want and hand form to fit. Grab topping by the ends and run backwards over a small round object (1/16 to 1/8 dia.) This will fan out the individual fibers nicely. - Tying a fly that will be stuck in a piece of wood or wine cork and set on a shelf. Same as above. - Tying on antique or handmade hook, fly to be framed and sold or given as a gift. Start with one of the above heads. Use the iron method. Several people here got to see Paul S. do this in Cleveland. Ask Dave Kline, Paul took some junk throw away crests and made them look very sweet. He also used a pricey Rowenta iron , I bet Dave knows the model number! The best way to learn is practice. Too much steam and you will ruin, not enough and it doesn't work real well, get the iron too close and it curls the longer fibers towards the heat. When you use this method you shape the feather how you want it and set it with heat. Crests will move over time. I have flies that are 15 years old, bouncing around loose in a cigar box with other misc materials and stuff. The crests look as good as the day I mounted them. Have some framed flies that look like Lindsay Lohan after a 3-day binge. The ironing method seems to set the feather. They last the longest will the least amount of change. consistent. Grading and selection is also important. A feather wing ( especially a Ranger style fly) needs a different type or shape of crest than a married wing. Same with tails. Although crests for tails and feather (ranger) wings are real close in general shape. Starting with the right crest means less to stretch or less to try and curve around the feather! Happy new year. 7
  6. Kline, There are some under the name Jim2Flies. I forgot my password.... Duh... You look good. Just make sure you turn off the ceiling fan before looking through your chatterer and crow
  7. Kline You are getting OLD!!!! At least you are still grinning. Take care of your bad self. I can help but remember you carrying me thru the airport when we were leaving!!! Later
  8. The Kingfisher turns gray when soaked in the water. If you are looking for the bright blue feathers for contrast on your fishing flies, the chatterer sub that is made out of dyed, white ringneck pheasant is nice. The only reason I would use Kingfisher in a fishing fly is if you wanted that drab gray color.
  9. Is this the Dave Kline that lived in Wichita, KS? Dave that was given a "no head" wooly booooooger? By the way, nice fly!
  10. What kind of hook is the jock tied on? Is that one of the new Partridge blind eyes? TY
  11. Has anyone heard anything? Are Paul and Ingrid done with the magazine? Refunds on subscriptions? Inquiring minds want to know!
  12. I was referring to the salmon flies (and comments) with the above threads. I also use many other threads (just not for salmon flies) - it depends on what you are tying. The flymaster+ is 237 denier, but you can untwist and flatten it to near transparent. I would tie the entire fly with it, but it sucks for setting wings. Flat threads have a tendency to "roll" the wing, the uni does a better job of compressing it. take care
  13. New Id, old member. I like GSP for deer hair. I use FlyMaster+ and Uni 8/0 exclusively for salmon flies. I buy white flymaster+ and black 8/0 uni by the box. I tie the entire fly with flymaster+ and switch to uni 8/0 to set the wing and finish the fly. Small heads come from thread control not small thread. don't get me wrong I am not knocking the small threads, but they are not required for nice bodies and small heads. 7/0 - jockScott from 1999. A fly that gets pretty crowded towards the head. 3/0 hook - a no name fly tied using the first series of "micro-cables" as ribbing. A much smaller hook/fly than above using the same threads
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