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  1. @DonkeyHotay I do not have much to add except I would start with tying older patterns and see how different natural materials perform. Once you build that understanding you can look at modern flies with synthetic materials and know what natural replacements are available. I do however want to emphasize that I really appreciate you asking this question and pursuing fly tying in this manner.
  2. For me tying flies is not about being practical, and is not exclusively about catching fish (although it is predominately about catching fish). For me fly tying is a hobby in and of itself, and I do enjoy having a broad high quality collection of materials. I enjoy the search for these materials, and I enjoy looking through my storage bins to find the right material for the fly I am tying. I enjoy having a nice box of flies, and take great pleasure in knowing that I tied them. It is way more than I need for the task at hand of catching fish. I am sure I have more money tied up (pun intended) in my material collection than I do with the rest of my fishing gear. Value is in the eyes of those willing to part with their money for the product. Would I buy a gold cree saddle for that money? Maybe, it all depends on the circumstances and how flush I was with cash at the time. That particular cree saddle, probably not, as I do not find it attractive enough for the price, but another that did tickle my fancy would be in play on the right day under the right circumstances. I am certain that I would not get $375 worth of value back out of that saddle, but the question I feel I need to answer, and only to myself (well maybe my wife) is would I get $375 of satisfaction or happiness out of that saddle. Remember, I excluded practical out of my equation. There is a great Charlie Craven video where he is demonstrating in front of an audience and is tying a Parachute Adams. Someone asks him a question about the practicality of fly tying, and his response is great, and I am paraphrasing. "We are sitting here on a Sunday talking about tying flies. It is not about the fish, they will eat marshmallows and corn, it is about tying nice flies" Whoever purchased that saddle, I wish them the best, and hope they enjoy it as much as they hoped for.
  3. I purchased one on November at the Edison show. I really like the holding power, and where it holds the hook. I wish that it was finished a bit better. Seems like steps to clean up the tooling were left off at the end. Most obvious defects have polished off with use. I think HMH has a winner on it's hands if they can clean up the finish work on the vise. I have put several dozen flies through the vise in trout sizes, and I am pleased. I do not regret the purchase at all.
  4. I am skeptical about this one too. I tie and fish alot of parachute patters. what i do is a few wraps to gather the post in an upright position, then post it with the stem of the hackle as the "stiffener" touching wraps up, touching wraps down, and I have a nice firm post to hackle.
  5. Lucian, I like your style. Building a fly with those proportions, and buzz is far from a beginners results. That is a destination that needs to be worked to obtain.
  6. Kimo, I so wanted to like these scissors. The fine point looks like it would cut so close. However my experience the eye holes does not match mine. I tie with scissors on my thumb and middle finger. With the current Dr. Slick's I use, I can slide them back and forth across my knuckles with no problem. I hold the scissors close to my hand when I am tying, then I can slide them into cutting position almost by instinct. The Loon's were more oblong than round, and they would get hung up. They were just not natural in my hand. I really did want them to work out.
  7. I prefer the local fly shop to ordering online. I'll give some of the standard reasons such touching and inspecting materials. I also like that I have a destination to go on a cold weekend when there is nothing going on. A warm place to go have a hot cup of coffee, and shoot the breeze for a while. Pick up some ideas for a new pattern and some new materials, an odd package of hooks etc. It gets me out of my wife's hair and off the couch for a few hours (45 minute drive). A good fly shop acts as a community hub, and to me that is worth a bit of a premium. It also helps that my "home" shop does a lot of conservation work in the area. If there is something beneficial going on in conservation of trout waters in the area, you bet they are involved. They were also helpful as I was getting started all those years ago, they have free fly tying classes on the weekends during the off season. The gentlemen who own the shop have won my business for sure. I buy most of my hackle from Charlie Collins at the shows in my area, and I have been moving my hook buying online, as there is a HUGE cost difference, The rest of my fly tying and consumable fishing business goes to my local shop, down to materials I really don't have an immediate need for, as the shop gives me a place to go, and I appreciate that.
  8. All, I just received the flies back from the swap, and I am blown away. the quality of flies is excellent. I will not go and detail what I think, but each one I picked up was better than the previous. I am really pleased with this swap. Well done.
  9. All, I apologize, but my flies are in the mail as of today. I am not thrilled with the outcome which is what took me so long. I do not like the proportions at all. I tried a few hooks, and none came out looking right to my eye. I started tying them fuller, and didn't like them, so I tied them thinner, which made me like the fuller ones better. I am not sure I passed the challenge. fingers crossed.
  10. BB, I would like to join. I will be diving in over my head with a Goddard's Caddis. A pattern I failed to execute in the past to any standard of competancy. Everyone be prepared to receive a pile of clipped deer hair and hackle roughly representing a hairball left by a cat. Stilis
  11. I just received my flies in the mail. Great work everyone, and thank you BB for another well run swap
  12. I dropped my flies in the mail this morning. Should be there on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  13. I have gotten a grand total of 3 flies done so far. I have managed to get the only two pieces of calf body hair in my state, and they are of horrific quality, takes me 10 minutes to get enough hair long enough to stack, and then mounted.
  14. I will join. I will pick up the Royal Wulff if it is not taken. Stilis
  15. Lets see. Gold Grade necks... Im gonna cheat a bit... Honey Dun Golden Badger Golden Plover Water Hen
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