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  1. Got mine today as well. What a great creative set of flies. thanks for everything everyone
  2. i am with everyone else. I made 25 of them, i am sure if i needed anymore i could make them again. give them to a good cause.
  3. mine are in the mail. should get there in plenty of time. I will try to post a picture later tonight of what one looks like, i use my foam in a little different of a way. I cut very thin strips and wrap it to use as the main body, just so everyone is on the same page when they get them. thanks for a great swap everyone
  4. I got mine and went ahead and checked them. This is what I came up with. One of each from: dfield chasecreek dale rockworm SteveP Doubles of the following: Riffleriversteelheadslayer djmyers juice RDL Preach ChrisFish troutnabout None of the following: Faster Fish Brownsnatcher Pickin6ofem RoyChristie kamloopstrout I understand that some of the doubles could have been from extras, but I would really like the full set. Let me know if anyone has doubles of the ones I don’t have or needs one of my doubles that I have.
  5. My take on things.... I used to buy north face about 8 years ago, I do not anymore. They have sold out to a company named VP, owners of Lee Jeans, jansport, wranglers, ect... I feel that any outdoor company needs to be able to keep up with the current research that is being conducted to keep their products up to par. Some might say that selling your name to a big company like VP could help you, I feel like it hurts you. I think that it hinders your limits and eventually the quality of the other gear companies gear will go up while yours goes down. I prefer patagonia gear for clothing in the backcountry settings. Arc'teryx is good, but very very pricy. Depending on what type of gear you look into getting different brands will be better, but I do not buy north face for anything anymore.
  6. Mine went out this morning on two day delivery so it should make it
  7. I will take one Color: blue dusk Size: Large
  8. For me one of the most impressive things I found in Hatches was that it was PACKED full of information. Most magazines you get today are Packed full of ads that take up sometimes 50% of the space. I felt like the first edition of Hatches was not like that at all and that is something I feel would continue to make it different and meaningful to people. Just one of my thoughts.
  9. You have a fishing trip to the Colorado Rockies in the early morning but you dont have any flies because they were all stolen by the fly monster..... What do you tie.
  10. I was just wondering when we had to let you know by.
  11. A fish probably cant tell a good paint job from a bad one, only people can. I think it looks great and I am sure it will catch fish.
  12. This is some GREAT information. I have been looking for a bag to move stuff around and this is going to be the one I get now. Thanks so much for all the great pictures, very helpful.
  13. Welcome, Look forward to seeing your work!
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