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  1. I think he was replaced by the Grim Reaper..... :bugeyes:
  2. I just got mine yesterday :yahoo: I showed my wife the "Fly Porn" :whistle: I'll read it later.....
  3. First fly I ever learned to tie... Don't know what to call it, but it was shown to me by a guy I met in Washington state, who got me started tying and his name was Bob (mine too.) So here's the Bob's Wet Fly Special. Never got skunked with it... Hook: size 8 - 14 regular wet fly hook. Body: 2 or three strands of Peacock Herl Hackle: Olive saddle hackle tied soft Tail: Part of the Hackle Wrap thread to the bend of the hook. Strip half the fibers off of a Olive Saddle Hackle and tie some in for the tail. Tie in the Peacock Herl, wrap forward and tie off. Tie in haclkle and wrap about 4 times around hook and tie off. Clip and create head. Whip finish or 1/2 hitches. Coat head with head cement. I don't have a clue what it imitates, as I am NOT an entimologist (sp), but it worked EVERY time in mountain lakes and ponds in Washington and beaver ponds in Colorado. Can anyone tell me why it works so well?
  4. HR, Yup, you're right. You were the one who's post sparked my interest in this site. Many Thanks!! :cheers: Have fun in Mt Home, AR. Al mentioned going when we were at his place. This site IS great andI have been showing some of the vids to my wife and she really wants to tie flies. She is tyhe creative one in the family!! Later, Bob
  5. Just like to drop in and say Hi. I came across this site from a post on the TexasKayakFisherman forum. It has been a LONG time since I tied any flies and almost 20 years since I flyfished. I grew up in the Seattle, WA. area and spent some time in Colorado as well. Self taught to flyfish and had a little bit of help in learning to tie. Last weekend, my wife and I spent the day with Al Crise at this home in Glen Rose Texas taking some casting lessons. Beginner lessons for her and "Kill the bad habits of self taught casting" for me... We had a GREAT time. We even tied a couple flies with him and she is HOOKED!!!!! She even asked if we can get a Renzetti vice like Al had for Christmas. I took that as permission!!! :yahoo: I have fished mostly on ponds and high mountain lakes in the past with a flyrod, but did get to fish the Frying Pan near Aspen Colorado a long time ago. Caught one fish there, but dry fly fishing was a hard thing for me to get a handle on (self taught and all.... ) Looking at all of your examples of tying, MAN, have things changed and do I have a LONG way to go. This site is what my wife and I need to tie better. See you around!! Bob
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