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  1. I thank you for the response, have you been getting any of this rain the past couple of days? I'm down in Lancaster, and we got pounded on Saturday. Hopefully it rains BEFORE I get up there and not during, haha.
  2. I usually make a trip out there every may to fish, but I am taking a weekend trip in a few weeks to do some fishing. Anyone know what type of hatches I can expect? or should I plan on fishing Hoppers and the such. Thanks in advance for any input
  3. 23... I have much to learn.
  4. ILikeFish

    id help

    it had three tails, length... maybe a little less than an inch long.
  5. So while I was in Sinnemahoning this year for my annual fishing trip in may, I flipped some rocks. This was my first time flipping rocks to look for insects, so I was pretty pumped when I found this guy... I have heard they were in areas of PA, but never saw one. This one was pretty big (I think, bases on the only one ive ever seen...)
  6. ILikeFish

    id help

    I found these in my up in Sinnemahoning PA i know there were hendricksons come off around that time... or is this a different nymph
  7. ILikeFish

    ID help

    I found this out front of my house the other night. I am someone new to entomology, I thought maybe a caddis larvae still in it shuck? I just didnt think they would be able to crawl the whole way to my house....
  8. Luna Moth!! found this one in may... made me remember why i wanted to get into photography....
  9. awesome idea! Count me in for this year
  10. I was on a fishing trip early last month and was lucky enough to find one.... and lucky enough to have my camera i have a bunch more... I took some with some close up filters from the front, very cool looking moths
  11. got mine today. great ties! cant wait to use them. thanks for hosting dj
  12. i got a 100 pack for 2.50 at a flyshop around here
  13. personally, i like the eye to point down... but those look very nice
  14. sounds like a great deal to me.. i have one and its great. i dont have that lense, but have had no problems with the body. 500 with all that stuff sounds like a deal to me
  15. you would have to find someone (probably business) with a wide format inkjet.... and then you'd have to save all of your money cause it would not be cheap my friend.
  16. addy please, sorry for taking so long... just need to toe tag should go out tomorrow.
  17. im the opposite... give me a snake im fine... spider with in 50 feet and im bookin :jumpy:
  18. happy birthday man :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  19. OK, took me a minute, but now I get it~! :hyst: For the non-fly-fishermen, there are also DuPont Spinners. They work well. i still dont get it :wallbash:
  20. and here i thought i was the only one with a big cup full of flies that i will "someday" clean the materials off the hook. :wallbash: though they are mostly rejects. i seem to lose flies to trees and rocks before they become unfishable :ripped:
  21. didnt i tell yo uto stop posting these... im not done with emergers yet :wallbash: haha... awesome looking caddis'!
  22. what kind of hooks are they tied on? they look great! ps- welcome aboard, and expect to lose sleep when you become addicted to looking at these forums all night and tying every fly that is posted.
  23. hares ear BH PT woolly bugger CDC caddis midge pupae hmmm, maybe i should start thinking about dry flies more
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