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  1. Received a nice set of flies and some material. Thanks Vtflyhack! I hope you had a Merry Christmas! BFR
  2. Found a package in the mailbox today. It is the first present under the tree! Thanks and Great job vicrider!!! BFR
  3. Mine went in the mail yesterday and should arrive on Friday! BFR
  4. The post office I used did not know how to use them! You might want to check with them! BFR
  5. Thanks vicrider! Looks like a great start! BFR
  6. I am looking for a dependable swapmeister to take over the Secret Santa Swap. Do to work and personal issues I do not feel that I can run this swap in an orderly fashion, so I am looking for someone who really wants to take over this swap! BFR
  7. Just finished putting the final touches on the christmas present for I made for Santa's little helper. A tactical tomahawk! I am such a romantic!!!!! BFR
  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I wish you all a wonderful day!!!!!! BFR
  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day like I am! BFR
  10. That would be like fighting a good size smallmouth!!LOL BFR
  11. That is part of the fun, seeing who can wait!!! BFR
  12. Thanks Paul! And hang them high. For some reason dogs like them.(Go figure) And dogs and fishing hooks don't mix to well. Try to hold down a 30 pound beagle while getting a fish hook out of her lip. bfr
  13. This my set of flies for the Scret Santa Swap! They will go to one of you lucky Secret Santa Swapper's as an extra gift under your tree from me! BFR Disclaimer Big ass bass wall plaque not included! Batteries either!!!!
  14. I know this is not a true rumor. Just last week rudy (i get to call him rudy) donated some belly hair for these ornament. These are in the mail to some lucky swapper as an extra gift from me. And I have it on good authority that they will make it! BFR Disclaimer Big Ass Bass wall plaque not included! Batteries either!
  15. Patience my Secret Santa Swapper's. I checked the crystal snow globe and they should be there early next week! Everyone will have them for christmas!!!!! BFR
  16. This years christmas tree! Some of my own flies and some from past Secret Santa Swaps!
  17. This is my Christmas tree this year! Some of my fliess and some from past Secret Santa Swaps!
  18. Let me know if you have not received yours yet!!!! BFR
  19. Glad to see that all the packages are getting there! Even the international one's. BFR
  20. Your Welcome! Glad to see they started to make it to their destinations! BFR
  21. I think it looked great. Yes it needs the feathers wetted and put back in place! Bfr
  22. START WATCHING FOR YOUR FLIES!!! And let me know when you get yours! BFR
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