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  1. Hey there Willowhead, I couldn't get the video to work either by clicking on it or by cutting and pasting. I'd like to see it. Got any other ideas? I'm not so sure if I believe the 'big bait for big fish' camp. I've caught too many big-ish fish on really small stuff. It could be that a big fish can't resist a nibble if it's on his/her nose. I do believe that under certain circumstances big bait (generic term) catches big fish where small bait won't. An example would be when fishing for the Giant Snakehead Fish. This guy gets HUGE and it's aggressive beyond belief at times. When they have young, the young will often form a school (ball) of fry. The parents stay below when the school is near the surface. If you crank a small fly or lure through the fry, the parents will often ignore it. However, if you pull something that's large enough to be a threat, the parents will hit your fly/lure as hard as any fish can. Now, this isn't a feeding situation, so it might not be as valid as I may wish. Note: I release all snakehead fish if I've caught them while they were parenting. I sure you guys have too, but I've caught fish that were half of the size of the bait/lure, etc. 'splain that one. Ciao, Dave
  2. What a puerile debate... I can't tell you how disappointed I am. I thought the members of this forum were more mellow, easy-going and mature than this.
  3. Thanks for the link Flytiehunt... I'm gonna give that one a try sometime soon. It looks like a real winner. :headbang: Can I call it original if I follow the instructions to a tee? :yahoo:
  4. Wow! that was an eye-full of flies... they all looked good to me. I was especially impressed with the 'rookie of the year' category. You sure you guys are rookies? Come on, fess up... :-) Awesome job everyone!!!!
  5. My two favorite squirrels here in Thailand are the Giant Tree Squirrel (over a yard long!) and the Prevost Squirrel. Click here to see a photo of the Prevost. The Giant Tree Squirrel male is shiny coal black with a pale yellow belly and the female is a beautiful brown with the same yellow belly. Both would certainly make for some nice flies, but I ain't gonna kill one. Now if I find one dead from natural or un-natural causes, that's another story.
  6. Hey RB, It's pronounced "Poo Ket". Wherever you see a 'ph' in Thai, it's pronounced 'p'. "check your fly"... good one brother! :hyst:
  7. Well, you certainly don't need beer to have fun. I wish there were some fly fishermen in my neck of the woods. I only know one guy in Bangkok who ties. Yes, I'm a bit jealous of you guys. Maybe I can start a branch over here called Rice and Royal Coachman
  8. But it ain't Superbad unless you tied it in the ornament :headbang:
  9. Love the idea guys! Are cleansing ales in the vicinity? Ditto on the flies -- very nice indeed. I've never tied a fly in my life, but in about a week I've got a fly tying kit on the way over. A new tying buddy up in Bangkok said that the kit that I orders is good. I plan on finding some unique tying materials over here eventually, but first, I need to learn the basics. My new buddy in Bangkok is going to show me the ropes. I hope I'm not all thumbs... although, that would look pretty cool, eh! Ciao, Dave
  10. As with all of the flies you submit, this is a very nice one!! Two Thumbs Up!
  11. Fish sauce is so salty that I wonder whether freshwater species would like it or not. I hope to try it out soon though and if it works I will certainly let you know. Thanks, Dave
  12. Hey there JSzymczyk, Well, I certainly don't want to get excommunicated :devil: ... wait a minute, there ain't no ding-dang fly fishermen here to do that to me. I'm so lonely And, the eels here have nasty teeth. I wouldn't trust any smiling eels any further than I could throw 'em. The way I see it, if I'm releasing the fish I catch it shouldn't matter that much really. I'd still prefer to catch fish without doing it, but if they ain't a bitin' maybe a squirt or a rub isn't that bad of a idea. Thanks, Dave
  13. Hey Skip, Thanks! I like supporting the little guy more than the big chains, so this is what I'll get.
  14. Hey Ribs, I fish mostly freshwater at Khao Sok National Park. That's about 2 1/2 hours north of Phuket. My favorite fish is the Giant Snakehead. The reservoir is 165 square kilometers in size and it's stunningly beautiful, so even if I don't catch any fish, I am happy. Of course, I'm more happy when I catch some. I'm not surprised about your fishing trip here. I'm sure they went super slow to save money on fuel, totally disregarding the fact that it wasn't fair to you. Yep, tuk tuks truly suck... I never use 'em.
  15. Hey Skip, Thanks for that... Thanks for offering to tell where to get the stuff, but I'm in Thailand and I'm sure it's not available here. However, I usually go back to Virginia to visit my family every summer. I saw a lot of scents at the Bass Pro Shop, but didn't get any. I reckon I could get my brother to send me over some. Or, what I could do, and what I was thinking, is make my own scent. The Thais already have quite a few food items that stink like crazy and I might just try them to see. Funny, they think that eating cheese is nasty, yet they gobble down a rotten fish head in a second.
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