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  1. Since I have owned a couple trantulas as pets here is what I will say. The pinchers are not that large, yours remind me of a "B" movie. <---- that is a compliment, I love B movies. and the but needs to be more round and fuller. Other than that it looks real good, he hair is especially real nice. and as David said there are the two little fingers on the end of the abdomen.
  2. You might as well go on without me, I tried to sit up and tie today and lated about 5 minutes before the nausea and dizziness started to kick in. Looks like mother nature is going to win this one by taking me out with this infection. I'm sorry I won't be able to finish, this will be the first and hopefully last time I can't finish a swap.
  3. My flies are yet to be completed as I had hoped, earlier last week I was rushed off to the emergency ward thinking I had stones. It turns out I have a bladder infection that is very rare in men. I plan to finish my flies by Tuesday and get them in the mail by Wednesday if that is ok with everyone. If not I understand. This is the first time I have been able to sit up and type on a computer. Which is still not an easy task thanks to all the wonderful antibiotics that are in me and will continue to be in me for another 1.5 weeks. And what makes it worse is that I can not spend much time in the sun due to the antibotics, so that means no fishing for a while, I usually fish 3 times a week during this part of the year and keep a 40 hour a week job. Boy typing is had when you are dizzy.
  4. PM addy please, I should be done tonight.
  5. Thanks to everyone that made this swap a successful one, I plan on having another one in September just do not know what type of fly it will be yet. More than likely it will be a streamer type for trout.
  6. Hey Rich, guess what just showed up in the mail today. I will put them back in the mail tomorrow, would you mind if I gave you one of my flies in exchange for one of your flies???
  7. It is an upright divided wing fly. It is suppose to be one of the original classic flies that has been around since dinosaurs ruled the land, and yes it will catch a dinosaur if you can find one. I'll send you a picture of one this weekend so you can see it. And the name is the original name not one I gave it.
  8. I will be tying the simple but affective "F Fly".
  9. Nothing yet Rich, if they show I'll let you know.
  10. I'm in with a pattern to be determined. I'll pick something by the end of this week.
  11. Flies are separated and boxed, they will be in the mail tomorrow. The extra flies will be going to a worthy charity through my fly club, they will make some people happy for sure. The only thing that will stop the flies going out tomorrow is if Rich's lost in the mail flies show up. Thanks to everyone for being in this swap and I hope you enjoy all the flies, I know I will. The will be put to work starting on Tuesday.
  12. It's Friday and I hope everyone has big plans for fishing this weekend, I myself will be spending both days looking for big and little trout in the sierra's, which is basically my back yard. As for the swap I will separate the flies this weekend and if I do not receive Rich's by Monday they will go out in the mail on Tuesday. I really hope they show because I love poppers and do not tie them myself. This is a sweet collection of flies from everyone. As for the extra ones since Orange Caddis has not appeared and if Rich's do not show I was planning on donating them to a worthy cause. I am with a fly fishing club that does a lot of work for charities so I was thinking of putting them in for one of the raffles that we. If anyone would prefer to have their extras back send me a PM and I will include them in your return package. Have a great weekend and go fishing.
  13. I received flies today from fliesandfish and they are some sweet hairy gurglers, all we need now are Rich's flies which should have been here a long time ago, can you post a picture of your flies to make sure I did not mix them up with another envelope. As far as I am concerned Orange Caddis is out of this swap since I have yet to hear from him.
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