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  1. Does anyone remember the name of that English woman who tied full dress salmon flies without a vice? Beautiful flies.
  2. And don't forget to tie some Clousers.pretty easy to tie and deadly.
  3. I don't know about where you fish, but here in Iowa, smallies love my Mickey Finns.
  4. Cmon Mom, all the cool cats have piercings.
  5. whatever you do, don't skimp on the line. Also I would stay away from "tying kits", as they tend to give a lotta stuff you might never use and isn't the best quality material. Good tying material can make a world of difference.
  6. Great flies! It nice to know that fancy flies can be tied for fish other than atlantic salmon. Living in Iowa also gives me free easy access to ringneck feathers
  7. Up untill this spring I would've said smallies, but after stalking carp, I must say they are a test of stealth, casting ability, and tackle. About half the carp I've caught have put me into my backing.
  8. QUOTE (FebFly @ Jul 20 2005, 02:22 PM) anger in a fly flishing? I don't know but I love fly fishing because it have no angers. I think if you go fishing with anger or you will broke your rod or you will scare the trout or at least you will loose your fly in a defective casting or in the woods behind you. The qoute means that a race car is meant to raced. Sure you can look at it with admiration and call it a "work of art", but cannot be fully appreciated without being used for it's intended purpose. Even the fanciest salmon fly that is tucked neatly in a shadow box is jealous of the lowly woolly bugger that has caught fish.
  9. Enzo Ferrari once said "a race car isn't a race car untill it's raced in anger, untill then it's a collection of parts".
  10. Many attractor patterns, as well as terrestials used for trout also work well for bluegill and other panfish. My favorite fly for big bluegill is the Jock Scot.
  11. My favorite bluegill fly is the Jock Scot!
  12. I like small Deceivers for smallies in the spring and fall. My biggest smallie to date came off a size6 black ghost.
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