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  1. I make some small amounts using two pet brushes. Most of my own dubbings are not a smooth color. I like the varigations that I get by doing it this way. Get some neat colors oout of yanr ends that are aplaca, wool and other furs like that. Crappie
  2. Go to a craft store and get some 1 mm rat tail. Makes a nice wax worm pattern. Crappie
  3. Nice pattern. Now I wil lhave totie some of them up. Crappie
  4. I know several knitters that are making socks. Use wool and lllama yarns alot. I have two cat hair brushes that I use to card the yarn. I get lots of neat color dubbings doing this. I have also used some rug yarns to get dubbing mixes. Crappie
  5. I always have a tleast two rods with me. One with a dark fly and one with a light fly. Do this no matter the water clearness. Fish let me know what they like. Crappie
  6. Boa yarn leeches, marabout leeches, furled tail hohair leech. All very quick and simple. crappie
  7. I get most of my hooks based on price. I like to have some heavier hooks and lighter hooks to use for nymph patterns. You get different fall rates. I have 5 brands of hooks right now. Crappie
  8. Bluegill first, then crappie after I found there were patterns that worked well for them. crappie
  9. I have used it on serveral woven body flies and on other flies in place of very thin chenille. Some of them are 5 years old and have been wet several times. They seem to last a long time if you dry them. crappie
  10. No. I have been doing woven bodies lately for my buggers. crappie
  11. I watch a few boards for folks that are just getting into fly fishing, especially warmwater, and will send them a couple of dozen flies,. I also send a few hundred flies to casting for recovery each year. Plus, if I don't loose at lease 4 flies on an outing, I am not fishing lcoe enougbh to the structure. Crappie
  12. Cut out some bodies with a 1/4 inch punch. Wrapped the foam around and tied them. Look good in that size. A 1/.4 inch body takes 25 mm of foam to wrap around. Trial and errors got me to that. Crappie
  13. These are the poppers I tied in the last few days, uxsing glitter foam I am using a smaller body for the next batch to get more clearance the the hook point. Crappie
  14. I glue Darice foam sheets together and have punches from Harbor Freight. I can drill out a large number of bodies in various colors in a short time. Crappie
  15. Also use it to make Hares Ears type flies. Crappie
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