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  1. I alway love tying quilled flies! Great job! Tyrite
  2. Hi tyrite here I just moved locations and finally got tying again!! It has bin a wail since I have bin on this site so I am hopeing to be abule to post some flies and have a good time doing it. I have bin working to get a fly shop up and running in Trenton Ontario! So I haven't tied much In a year. Thanks Glen Dayton
  3. I love the look of this fly! I have a lot of the heads for this one so I think I will have to Ty some up! Tyrite
  4. Nice little pupa I us one like this my self and the trout go nuts over them!!
  5. Thanks When did it change the look on the site?? I am now trying to get a web site up and running but it is a lot of work doing it from scratch!! tyrite
  6. Great Job did you By thous wings or make them?? No difference it is great. Thanks Glen (tyrite)
  7. Hi I just got back on the site and It looks great all the changes in the last year or two really looks good!! I just started a little fly shop and I will tell you it isn't easy at all. Between try to Ty all the flies for it and setting you a web site I for got about the Fly tying Forum so I am going to try to get back in to it more and I will be posting more now. Thanks Glen (tyrite)
  8. Great looking fly that is definitely tone that I would be tying my self!!!
  9. I yous 5 different kinds but the Griffin ones are my favorite!!! Thank glen ty-rite
  10. Great Zonker style tub!!! the radial would be just great. thanks Glen
  11. nice job on the woven nymph I like the colours!!! Thank Glen
  12. Great looking bomber!!! I will have to Ty up some of these. Ty-Rite (Glen)
  13. What a great selection!!!! tyrite
  14. So This one go by some one sending out an invitation to one person then that person sens it out to another is that right?? That is a great Idea! tyrite
  15. Great looking flies I like the weed guard that you have yoused. The only thing that I would do is put a stinger hook half way between the back of the hook and the end of the tail! I have found that using really heavy mono or fly line to connect it. tyrite
  16. hi I like the Idea of putting the EYE over a feather!! Great Fly. tyrite
  17. WOW Great flies Every one I am especially impressed with the first place rookie of the year that is some serious tying for you first year in to fly tying Great job!!!! tyrite
  18. I us mostly UNI thread and all the other UNI products!! thanks tyrite
  19. tyrite

    tying lessons

    I have bin teaching for some time now and I teach a group at my local fly club for free once a month! But I also teach at my house for $25 per hour or if they want 4 hour lessons then it is $90. I am trying to find a good one on one tying lesson price? when they come for lessons I supply the all the material they whach the TV where I have the camera right on my fly so they can see every detail. The only thing I dont teach is classic salmon flies feather winged! If there is a good price that I should be charging for one on one lessons please post what you think!! thanks Glen Dayton (tyrite)
  20. tyrite

    tying lessons

    Hi I am wondering how many people on the fly tying forum have and do tying lessons? Also how much dos each person charge for one on one lessons and group lessons. thanks Glen Dayton (tyrite)
  21. Let me elaborate on this a little! The Price of $125-$200 is per vice I can move the price range up If I need to $200 to $300 I have 4 extras right now. I would like to get better ones. I will definitely be looking at all the post that have bin added already any more would also be perfect! Thanks tyrite Glen Dayton
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