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  1. Two things you could try. First, try a water based Polyurethane. It should keep the Sharpie from running. Otherwise try a Copic marker instead of a sharpie. It is an ETOH based permanent marker. I know people who have used a water based Polyurethane on these with no problem. If you do get a turner and head down the road to using epoxy, the epoxy will run the sharpie as well. I have not had any problems with the Copic Markers. - Olórin
  2. Just curious... who will be attending the Tying Expo in Holt Michigan on the 5th? I will have a booth and be tying flies; anyone else?
  3. Wonder what beaver that comes from [wink-wink, nudge-nudge]?
  4. Looking for some updated information from those doing videos. I am interested in doing some tying videos for online production as well as having a camera that can display on a large screen for educational classes. The last post I saw on this topic was from February 2007. Knowing the technology has made a few strides forward I thought I would ask people what they are using and like/dislike. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Good for you!! :yahoo: It sure is neat the first time you see something you have done in print. Let's see a picture of your bench.
  6. Gartside Sparrow. Something about everything (except the dubbing) coming from one Pheasant skin appeals to me.
  7. Keeping in the context of the question [... flies you fish with] I fish for many different species and use many different flies. As pointed out, egg flies are a quick tie. However, I have a pike trip coming up and will spend about 15 - 20 minutes putting together some sturdy pike streamers. Not to mention 30 minutes + for deer hair topwater or finished poppers. Most patterns (smallmouth, bluegill, white bass, trout nymphs and dries) are usually about 5 - 10 minutes. For the most part I, like many posting here, do not watch the clock. The tying is part of the the entire experience. Especially when I can not get out and fish, like now!
  8. Smallmouth Flies - Dave Matthews Band Bluegill flies - John Denver Trout Dry - George Winston Trout Nymph - The Coors Trout Streamers - Jackson Browne Classic Salmon, Wets or Streamers - Pink Floyd Pike and Muskie - Guns & Roses Actually, I tie in my home office where I have ripped all our CDs (about 550) and they are all on our server. I listen through my computer and listen more to whatever I have been in the mood for in general. But the above seemed to fit those types of flies. :yahoo:
  9. Thanks I`m not to familiar with the expression "coming undone". Could you explain what you mean, my english is a bit rusty when i comes to understanding some phrases Smallie Fanatic: Thanks. I also use super fine chenille in some of my flies Terje! Good to know.
  10. Nice easy pattern. Do you ever have problems with the knots coming undone when fishing this fly?
  11. Patrick Del Fatti, I received your e-mail about the Gamakasu hooks, however all of my replies are not going through. If you subscribe to this thread, send another e-mail to me ([email protected]). The e-mail you provided is [email protected] We can get the hooks you want.
  12. Will, if you still need someone for Sunday, count me in. Have to work Saturday. I have been wanting to go to this show for a while.
  13. Taking a formal class is your best bet for learning quickly and getting the many questions you will have answered. If the school is through a fly shop they will often let you try various vises while in the class. Trying before buying is your best bet. Remember most tier end up buying a different vise as they learn more. Your skills get refined, you understand more your needs for the tying you do, etc... A lot of tiers end up with multiple vises for certain classes of flies. Even if you asked other students in the class to try their vise it will give you more hands on info which will help you make a wiser choice.
  14. Ditto!! Depending on the flies you can even pick up some materials at the craft shop.
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