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  1. EP Fibers!! I looked high and low in my bench and online but couldn't remember that damn name..hence my description
  2. I had one chasing my Clouser on some canal last month while lookin' for Snook, the Gar lost interest quick, I talked about going to target them in the glades, but couldn't convince my fishing buddy it was worth while, hadn't thought about them since. I couldn't say I know a spot for 'em so I'm not dying for one. As for kill-fish I'm not a fan either, and down here the invasive species list is as long as my arm! Do other states have "Walking Catfish" ??? they really do... And the land based meat-fishing crowd throws everything on the ground, only taking home some, and kill many juveniles and non-edible fish.(Puffers, box-fish, Moon-Fish and the like.) f---ing poachers.
  3. hmm.. I've been using some translucent pinks, and greens; some Matte' black, and bold pinks, like some of you, borrowed from the girl friend.. Glow in the dark.... wish I had thought of that, I got a land access snook/poon spot for some "glowing mullet."
  4. My favorite style of fishing right now is chasing Permit and Bones in my 16' canoe. load with gear and a motor, and myself the rig only tips 320lbs on the scale, poling is a dream, paddling is alright until the wind gets above 15mph, I don't like paddling alone, against the wind... Capt. MATT C. --NICE SNOOK! I LOVE that you remove your trolling motor, keeps the guide experience more traditional!(not to mention, I've poled a few Hewes/Maverick skiff's, you guys make it look f*ckin' EASY!!) my compliments.
  5. I must appologize, I was unfamiliar with the pattern sumbmission form and had simply posted a pattern, then filled out the form and now am cluttering the SALTWATER JOURNAL board, please delete the non-standardized pattern submission "mangrove Craba" from the the FORUM. Thanks, tight lines.
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Permit Hunter: Mangrove Craba
  7. I generally use a 1/0 Standard hook. Dumbbell or bead-chain eyes(very sink rates) Dark green thread Legs-Peacock Herl Flippers-Tan Saddle Hackle(scraps) Eyes-50 lb melted mono. Body- Green w/flash Synthetic Hackle, I've found several names for this, basically its fibers wrapped into a twist of wire, the fibers should be about 1''- 1 1/4" long. Start by grabbing you Tan saddle hackle and find 4 feathers that you've already taken the long tapered tip from(recycle/use up the last bit of material!), this will be used to make the flippers, be sure to get the angles right, and place the feather so they're all relatively flat to each other, I like to use this stiffer squared off feather because it is more durable, and delivers more profile with less material. Next a single strand of peacock herl and ty 4 half hitches in it as evenly spaced as possible, starting at the bend end of the hook. wrap on one end of the herl at a time, it should make a loop. repeat this with another herl, then repeat with two more strands at the eye of the hook. The loops should not be cut open(allowing the legs to form) until after the body is trimmed(last steps) it's just easier to tie it that way! Melt a piece of 50lbs mono until you've formed an eye approx. 3/16'' dia. repeat this and form a second eye. If your practiced at melting mono eyes, I recommend using a single piece and carefully melting the eyes to 3/4'' - 1'' apart and then folding it to a 90 Degree and(use pliers to give it a good pinch). (Using a single piece is just that easier at the vise.) Attach the mono eyes so they're spaced evenly with the legs and slightly angle towards the hook point, as this fly rides point-up. The dumb bell or bead-chain weight is place directly on top of the mono, or just in front of it, (this is when you might make variations, think about where it could be used, is there a lot of current/tide? is it shallow or a deep cut along the shoreline?) The Craba pictured has a medium dumb bell just in front of the "middle" of the fly. Now tie on the synthetic fiber-wire so it can be wrapped/dubbed towards the eye. STOP! if you haven't already added glue or head cement this is the time to coat the shank and give it some strength! After your cement is dry(or tacky) wrap the wire towards the eye, I us my fingers to "brush-out" the fibers away from the shank, to get the most from them. Be cautious when wrapping the body not fold the eyes, or catch a leg. I hide the weight. If a weed guard is needed add it now, if not whip finish it and glue your head. TRIM the body first, then cut the leg-loops open so they can articulate freely. If you tie it Larger you could add details, or give it some orange crystal eggs, I had white/pearl ladies nail coloring and if only I could find it would attempt to color the belly/bottom side of the crab, not sure how the stuff will hold to this fiber though... I'd like to see this tied with a tan/flashy body(Baby Blue Crab), just haven't gotten to the materials yet. I know the Merkins are great too, yet I had one Monster refuse a merkin, and thats one to many.....hehe...
  8. I "called it" this morning 10 min. before leaving the house; because I live about 4 miles inshore, and was rigged and ready to nearly ready when the winds kicked up to 15+ and a small squall line blew in, now squall line aside, I should have atleast gone to the water to see how things looked? Conditions do change, and In my parts a squall can ofter be followed by a sur-real slick-out on the flats! Sadly today the winds are still building..... Here's my 12 lbs Snook from last night, caught from land, 9wt. Dalburgh style...
  9. Here's my Mangrove Craba, intended for S. Florida flats, well over very green bottom, or my favorite, fish that are tight to the mangrove roots. Dumb-bell eyes keep it hook-point up, and it should be retrieved it the shortest(less than 4 inches) almost slowest strips. tied on a 1/0 in the image. Love the way this crab "flutters" to the bottom.
  10. I'm a canoe fisherman in South Dade, Reds can be caught in Biscayne Bay, in fact, my regular fishin' buddy got this one not more than a month ago. He got 'em on a live baby blue crab. Send me a PM, looking at Wensday to be the next Fishable day, always happy to meet more paddler/fly guys. I've devised this fly for working just this location, haven't gotten it wet though..I'm certain a Merkin, Electric Shrimp, or a MOE would take' em, So I made this. It's a funny angle on the image that make the Penny appear larger than the fly, but the fly could just about hide the penny completely if you stacked it. example tyed on a Mustad standard 1/0, i've tied them as small as #4, but would only through that at some small Bones... Last, (but not least?) if you really, really, need a Redfish, and don't want to head to Flamingo or the other coast, or way North, Call Cordell at www.BoneFishWhisperer.com this guy is the most incredible paddle fishermen I've seen, and he offers reasonable rates, with decades of advice! Good Luck and tight Lines! [/img]
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