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  1. I see you put both colors above the eyes. Is there a purpose to doing that? Normally I put one below and one above the eye. That is also a popular color in the Tampa area, fly and plastic. I can't keept the trout off of the nuclear chicken Gulp's
  2. Florida checking in.. great ties guys. Joe -- I wished you had kept the extra's for your efforts. Rick
  3. Excellent news. I'll look forward to receiving the flys from everyone. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Be good/play hard and smart. Rick
  4. You should have the gator trout coming up on the flats soon, Dunedin area has been producing well on reds and trout right now. Rick
  5. Nuts.. how did I miss this one.. great set of flys.
  6. Not sure about customs. I do know that returned mail can sometimes take quite awhile. We had mail returned up to 3 months after sending to customers/vendors in South America, with either insufficient postage or incorrect address.
  7. I will acept the 40 nwacks and ask that the swapers that sent there flies late and did not include enough postage to have them returned also line up and run the gauntlet. If my flys came back to you for lack of postage please let me know and I will get you enough stamps to cover the trip down to Florida. Rick
  8. I also have not received anything as of 12/12/06. Packages I sent from FL to Maine took 6 days. This has now been 6 weeks since the flys were mailed from Canada. It is just flys, I can tie more. Rick
  9. They have not hit Florida yet. But after what I saw in the company mail today, I'm probably not going to see them for another few days anyway. Man is the mail SLOW here in Tampa. I think grandma Moses is delivering mail here. Rick
  10. Not yet. I'm in Florida so I'm thinking a couple of weeks from the time they went out. I'm looking forward to trying them.. the big speckled trout have moved back onto the flats. I want to see a flatwing tie up close, as all the ones I've tried do not seem to look like the pics I've seen on Striper Moon. Rick
  11. I don't know I'd go as far as Dustin on the comments.. but a month late is a bit much. If that been me with family problems I would have just dropped out and hoped that everyone would understand. As far as being a cry baby.. wa wa lets get this one over so I can move on and hope the next one I join goes better. Rick
  12. I don't know about everyone else, but I think it is time to send out the flys that have been received. Anyone this late just return what they send. Swapmeister to keep all extras for his trouble. Any other thoughts? Rick
  13. None of the links worked for me either. Not a big deal.. looking forward to trying what everyone made. Rick
  14. Any word on the remaining swappers? By the way.. keep any extras of mine (the bucktail one was for you). Rick
  15. I'm in .. synthetic baitfish pattern on either a 1/0 or 2/0. Greenback imitation working well in FL right now for snook. Rick
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