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  1. Good Day Steelie. thank you for your words. This is the collection: Magic gold- Rojo lava- Royal gold- Verde- Duo - Magic gold and green - Magic violet - Night artic fire - Magic green - Pacific lagoon - Damasque - Magic purple - Oro viejo - Magic indian summer.
  2. thank you! A dry alternative to gold head nymphs. Iridescent colors to fish in the surface.
  3. Even though I like your fly very much, I like much more your spirit.
  4. Thank you guys, let´s go on imagining...Damasque, night artic fire, magic green...
  5. Imagining a new collection...
  6. Hi Sergio, Good way to start the new year.
  7. I am happy you like it, thank you! Somebody wrote a PM asking how to tie this fly. You know that I make SbS for Danica mag, but in this case there is no problem. hook: #16 Thread:#8/0, black Body: foam tube - a thin brown foam tube for the eyes. Legs: Silicone thread Wings: from a plastic shopping bag Colour: Black permanent Bug Bond to cover, protect and give shine to the body. I tie legs first and bend them with a heated needle. tie the abdomen and take the tube forward over the legs. Cut the tube in two. Tie the lower part of it over the legs. Prepare wings and tie them over the torax. Take the other half of the foam tube over wings and tie it down, forming torax. Cut excess of this upper foam tube. Take the lower part of foam tube to the hook eye and tie it down. Over it tie a brown foam thin tube to make eyes and give volume to the head. Pull back over this the cut foam tube and tie it down. Paint the fly and apply Bug Bond to the body. Hope it works. Andres T.
  8. While waiting for tonight dinner...
  9. Hello all, I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year. Andres T.
  10. Hy Bryan, in fact there are already some SbS from older patterns that people have asked for previously. This is really simple and this simplicity was what caught my eye. First tie the hackle, then the foam tube; tying it it bends forming a V shape. tie the wings and wrap the hackle. final knot and you have one of the most aerodynamic and delicate mayfly you have ever used. Do not pick the fly directly from trout´s mouth directly with your fingers; foam tube could break. You should use something to take the hook out of the mouth. It is a simple deadly fly- catch and release please. Andrés.
  11. This was the PM to Jordan. The only secret with this fly is my contract with Danica magazine. "thank you for your interest. This pattern is very simple; just a foam cylinder, two hairs form a paint brush, plastic wings from a shop bag and a feather. Due to the fact that I have recently written an step by step of this pattern in Spanish Danica mag, I can not upload this SbS into my web site yet. I hope to upload it in a month time. Hope to have been of any help."
  12. Hi Jordan, PM sent. Andrés.
  13. Too hot these days. "ICED TEA".
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