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  1. Reservations are made - I'll see you there! TxEngr (b.p. )
  2. Here's a video of Steve Flannagan from San Antonio tying his latest version of the silly putty spoon fly. I'm pretty sure he originated the idea since I first videoed him using this technique almost 3 years ago.
  3. I'm using the conversion kit for my 7 weight TiCRX and like it. When going to the beach and the winds not blowing excessively, I'll carry the both the rod and conversion kit and decide what to use after I get there. I do it overhand and find the extra distance useful. I actually find it easier than standard overhand since you're using the leverage of the long rod. You will need a stripping basket in that case as the line tends to want to tangle since you've got a lot of line out. So far I like it and plan to learn some spey casting technique in the future. But for beach fishing, the overhand seems to work fine. It was worth the cost to buy it. I'm even considering another 8 weight (I've already got 3) to go with the conversion kit.
  4. For those that missed it, it was a good conclave. A lot of good programs, casting was amazing, and good tyers. Same time, same place next year so put it on your calenders! TroutBum, it was great to meet you. It's always nice to put a face to a name on the board. TxEngr (Buddy)
  5. I'll see you there. Planning on attending both days. I'll be the guy carring the video cam and tripod around. TxEngr
  6. Use the oval foam strike indicators. They're just the right size for spiders for bream and the sticky on the bottom helps hold it to the hook while tying. Here's a vid :
  7. There is an open cell foam material made to go under bandages/casts/tape that you can pick up at the drug store or sports store. It comes in fairly wide rolls (2") but is easily cut and is stretchy. After you've added any weight, etc. wrap this on to make smooth body and bulk it up, then add your outer material. Since it's open cell, it doesn't really want to float nor does it want to hold water since it's essentially plastic.
  8. Here's a couple of vids on tying soft hackles. The first is on selecting soft hackles ( ) and the second is tying a soft hackle: ( ) , both demonstrated by Jeff Hines.
  9. I'm an electrical engineer at a 100% Recycle Paper Mill of the 2nd largest containerboard company in the U.S. Been doing this for about 20 years now in both Florida and Texas. Just a paper mill gypsy. The wife is an environmental manager for a different paper company.
  10. I use different type depending on the fly. For many of my saltwater patterns, I use a single titanium wire guard tied at the eye. For poppers and sliders, I use a double mono weed guard tied like this: Tying a Double Weedguard; for some saltwater I'll use a single 20# mono weedguard tied in like the titanium guard. So it depends on what I'm tying as to what I use.
  11. I don't rememer the exact link, but here's several good links on YouTube: David McFail - http://www.youtube.com/user/DavieMcPhail David Camis (TopFlyMan) - http://www.youtube.com/user/topflyman Fly Fish Ohio - http://www.flyfishohio.com/Adventures_in_Fly_Tying.htm (is on YouTube as CornMuse but has their own site) FlyFIshVideo - http://www.youtube.com/user/FlyFishVideo Matt Stansbury - http://www.youtube.com/user/mattstansberry The Saltwater Edge - http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSaltwaterEdge and many other great videos. Try doing a search on YouTube for Fly Tying and you'll get a lot more - some good quality and some poor quality. The folks above do a good job.
  12. Fishy Fullum ties a Pin Head Popper using those types of pins. He has an interesting way of tying them in as well. Here's a video: TxEngr
  13. Ray - Great Idea!! Have you tried gluing the dowel into one of the two 'spools' so you have one less peice to keep up with? This is one of the things that makes this forum great - the sharing of ideas like this. TxEngr
  14. I use one all the time, even though I have a dedicated tying area. After I had been tying about 6 months, I began to realize where I would like my tools to be, so I built my bench to match my needs. I'm still using that same bench today, with a few modifications along the way. I even carry it when traveling if I have room in the car. My suggestion would be to look at where you like to find your tools, e.g. where are they handy, and find a bench that matches that layout or have one built for you to that layout. TxEngr
  15. Before everyone gets warped out about this bill (it is a real bill), it pretty much doesn't stand a chance of passing. It has been referred to subcommittee, the same place it died two years ago. It has no co-sponsers. This bill was pretty much dead the day it was introduced. No politician in his right mind is going to pass a law that will p.o. the half of the US population that currently owns guns in the home. TxEngr
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