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  1. This fly, is unbelievable! :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: Great work! :headbang: / Regards Marcus, Sweden
  2. Hi everybody! I'am looking after some markets for the tying. Now I work with the Prismacolor and the Pro marker. But I'am looking after some new markets. If you recommend some market and where I can find it, so please write in this thread. Thanks, / Marcus
  3. The best I can do is to give you a body length range for the winged lifestages of those Ephemera species inhabiting North America. Mayfly body length is measured from the front of the head to the end of the abdomen, and does not include length of the tails. For Ephemera, body length ranges from 10-30 mm. In North America, one of the Ephemera species is quite a bit larger that the others. That is the reason for the large range of body length. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I don’t (yet) have detailed descriptions for European mayflies. Thanks!!! It helped a lot. Now, I go for superrealistic tying of an Ephemera. Taxon, you is the best! Thanks again! / Marcus
  4. Taxon, can you give me details about this (4) Ephemera species who exist in Sweden. I will know everything about them, but most of all, the lenght of the wings, legs, body, tail, and the whole mayfly.
  5. HOLY AMAZING!!! :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes:
  6. Cool stuff Leif! You will not fish these? :headbang: Snyggt Leif, du ska väll inte fiska med dessa? Hehe, ovanligt men häftigt! / Marcus, Sweden.
  7. Holy got damn, that one will catch a lot of Pike. ;-) Regards Marcus
  8. Ulf, that ants is really cool. It looks alive, really. Great job, like always. Regards Marcus, North Sweden.
  9. ....hm .. i don't really understand what this "swap" is? :dunno:
  10. Congratulations to everyone! Beautiful creations.. :-) Kindest regards, Marcus in Sweden.
  11. Awesome flies... i love them all ! / Marcus
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