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  1. Hi Nick, Well done mate, you are now turning out some very nice work. Keep up the great work. Dai.
  2. Hi Frank, Thank you very much for comments, Hope all is well with, keep watching your ties on face book. have not posted for some time, must do soon. Thanks again, Dai.
  3. Here is a pattern that i have come up with, i fish a lot of my snakes flies. and combined the two patterns together, Purple and pink, snaketruder. Orange snaketruder. The two colors together, one dressed light and one heaver dressed. And above, the mount i make to tie the snaketruder on. There is a step by step, on tying it on my blog. Hope you like it, Dai.
  4. Here are a few wee Cascades i tied up, for an angler in Aberdeen Scotland. The three sizes, on the head of my vise. Above close ups of the flies, with orange holographic bodies. The above one tied using black body with silver rib. And a few shots of the sets together, Hope you like them, Dai
  5. Hi Guys, here is another pattern i use, for my fishing for sea run browns. The full set that i tied up, Above, close up of the flies, all tied on partridge salar doubles. And above a smaller one tied on size 15, http://daijonesflies.blogspot.co.uk/p/step-by-step.html#bluecharm And above a link to my step by step, of the fly. Happy tying guys, Dai
  6. Hi Kirk, Thank and to the other guys, for all your comments, i am over the moon with them, Kirk, I shape the crest feathers, by putting them in a bowl of just warm water. for about 30 mins and then place them on a flat surface, i use a thick PVC sheet when wet. and then shape them to how i want them, leave to dry out over night and they stay that shape. hope this helps you, if you need to know more just ask. Dai
  7. Yep, I knew your trout were Sea run Browns, I browsed thru your blog! You tie some beautiful flies BTW! My comment was simply that the flies used can be very similar, even though the species really are not! Sorry for misunderstanding, I will say i do like the look of the sea trout you catch. And thank you very much, for the comments on my tying. Tight lines, Dai.
  8. Cheers, Fine on your sea trout, but ours are brown trout that have run to sea. but have to say, like the look of the ones you fish for.
  9. I have to agree with Panama! I am jealous of your blog. I have my own and hope one day my work is that nice. The mallard flank shrimp is AWESOME and your picture quality is great. Glad I got to check it out. Cheers guys, glad you like my ties and blog, i am really over the moon with your comments.
  10. Here are some shrimps, i have tied up for the coming season. fishing for sea run browns, and bass. Close up of the shrimp. And above, a group photo of the batch i tied up. all tied up on a size 6 carp hook, Dai.
  11. The season is getting close now here in South Wales, i fish a lot for sewin (sea run browns). and this fly really works here, also for salmon. Tied on a size 6, DEERCREEK double. And these i tied this morning, roll on April. Happy tying guys. Dai.
  12. Have used a number of vise's, and i have a few as well Love my Dyna-king Barracuda, and thought in was the best. But above is a photo of my LAW, and don't think there is another on the market to touch it. Happy tying guys, Dai.
  13. Very nice Jamie, love the color combo. can see this one catching a lot. Dai
  14. Yes, nice tubes and fish, Dai..
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