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  1. loook like a reel trout catcher. what material did you use for the body?
  2. nice flies, have you tried them in the Mississippi near Carlton place? Thats where i will be fishing this summer a lot
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I'll have to try out the new signature series soon.
  4. I just got my'n yesterday!!!! I love them all !!!
  5. Well, I learnt my leason, only fly swaps in Canada, to much hastle internationaly.
  6. Just woundering, bit, have you sent them yet! :bugeyes: :jumpy: :eek:
  7. Where I am, ( Ottawa, ON ) that sort of fly is great on bass and pike. Maybe even gar, haven't ever tried top water gar yet!
  8. Has anyone got any good info on making furled leaders? What sort of materials and size specifications would youy suggest for casting big bass flies?
  9. So if orange caddis does not reply by the end of the week :cry: will you send off the rest of the flies to evryone? :eek:
  10. Woohoooo!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: Thats a reliefe!!!!!!!!1
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