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  1. I haven't tied for well over a year. While having tied for 14 years this past March, it takes me 10 - 15 minutes to tie a dry, such as a gray wulff or one of Bob Quigley's "cripple" flies when I start up again. I am currently tying a dozen Sierra Bright Dot, size 16 (fore and aft fly) and I'm rusty, sometimes frustrated and tend to unwrap a tie down and redo it because I do care what my flies look like. I have been told over & over again, that if you have to pay the rent, by tying commercially - ok, haul ass with your tying, but try to relax with it. So, I calm down from a stressful day, sitting at the vice & cranking out - slowly - the fly pattern I have yet to approach. And oh my Aunt Susie, there are thousands!
  2. Kinda makes me think of Trump..........which way? what to say?
  3. Wow, Old Hat, Terrific take on a VERY productive fly. I recently tied up a few dozen humpies in the traditional way, but with a calf tail post. Your tie is super in that the foam is a lot easier to pull forward than elk or deer hair, and you end up with a Royal Humpy to boot. Way to go! I'm leaving for 3 weeks of fishing Northern California streams this month & will take my tying stuff to give your pattern a go...... TLs, Elkhair (aka Bill)
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