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  1. You are absolutely right about Rocky's tying abilities, and in some way his flies and others like it should be in color to appreciate them in all of the color and ornate beauty. That being said there is a certain timelessness to fly fishing and flies like Rocky's that I am able to achieve from using my Holga and black and white film. Which I think is the point.. Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion. Brian
  2. You can read about this on my blogsite, http://mtbbrian.blogspot.com/2011/04/chann...tographing.html
  3. Fair enough... Thanks for commenting! Brian
  4. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Rock Maley recently, at the Wastach Fly Fishing Expo, where I was a part of a group of two other photographers that were showing our photography. He comes over to our booth with a couple of flies and asks us if we'd like to photograph them. I was very much into it, because I have never done anything like it. I told him I could do it in color but he was more than happy with me doing it black and white, he has seen these and likes them. Because they are as long as they are, I thought I'd try a Holgarama version and a single frame version too. But what about you? Does the Holgrama version work or is it best done as a single frame? Thanks! Brian
  5. Just in case you missed the article it now appears on line: Check it out http://www.flyrodreel.com/magazine/2011/ja.../new-old-photos Brian
  6. I am a new dad Lynn, so these are great! Brian
  7. Will do thanks! And thanks for the friendship on Face Book! Brian
  8. Nice start to your blog by the way.. I have a reason to get up to Rapid one of these days, maybe I'll look you up. Brian
  9. I have a few plies, mostly PMD's that have a really cool wing or parachute, I can't quite figure it out.. I can see that the wing or parachute is CDC, and it looks like it upside down or something, because it looks like lace.. What is the technique called and how do I tie it? Thanks! Brian
  10. Thanks Lynn! I am not sure why it took me so long to realize who you were! Brian
  11. You can see my Flickr stream on my blogsite, which is in my signature. Thanks! Brian
  12. Just thought I'd share this with you here, that in the Winter 2011 issue of Fly Rod & Reel there is a write up about my Holga photography written by Bob White. Check out page 18 in Bob's "An Angle on Art" column. Brian
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