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  1. I think that most of what I was thinking has been said. A nice mix of different types of flies. Personally, one article on history and art flies is plenty for me. The full dress segment is probably less than 5% of all tyers. The John Ridderbos article speaks to me. Flies that catch fish. Any time your authors can talk about how they fish a fly that is also quite helpful. Nice work!
  2. I have done a couple of shadowboxes and use a black background and the smallest corks that I can find at the craft store spray painted black. I then figure out how I want the flies arranged, stick the fly in the cork and hot glue it to the background. My next project will involve a piece of polished driftwood with micro holes drilled into it to glue fly hookpoints into.
  3. Sent to whippersnapper: I sent you a reply to your message about the box when I received it last week. I was surprised to not hear back from you. Now I check my sent box here and it shows no message sent. The essence of my response was that when I finally got the box from smokey we had a hell of a time getting the thing into Canada. I had set it aside for dealing with, had some major things go down here and just flat forgot about it after it got some stuff set on it in the tying room. The box is in the exact condition it was when I received it. I have lost my word.doc that had all the tyers info. If you want to take over, I'll send you the box. It was a very frustrating experience as we have guidlines that weren't followed and, ultimately, I was the biggest offender. Just let me know which way you folks want to go on this. Please accept my apology for my thoughtless error. -Jeff
  4. I carry a major kit with mutiple vises on trips in case others want to tie something. This is mainly done in camp. Mostly it is talked about and we just drink right through it.
  5. Steelie, I was not trying to be insulting, but just frustrated at seeing the same thread for the hundreth time with always has multiple suggestions that lead to a $100 vise, $50 worth of tools and a bunch more materials as a base starting point. I just think that kind of dough should not have to be entry level for tying and it's not. I was suggesting that some looking around be done. The Wapsi project was done very deliberately and intentionally and has very good materials. As far as messing up a the first half dozen of each fly, that's a given no matter what method of procurement is used. I'm sorry if I offended anybody. I'm just very passionate about not intimidating newcomers to fly fishing and tying with big dollar signs. Back to your regular programming.
  6. I love a good generalization. In this case the one that says all kits suck because everybody on the bulletin boards says so. I find it irresponsable to start steering new tyers to $100 vises and then tools and materials and hooks. Before you know it they're in for $300 and haven't tied a dang thing yet. If the guy does goes in that far and decides that tying is not his bag, guess where that stuff goes. that's right, Ebay for $30. While bad kits may have been the case in the past, that day has passed. Cabelas teamed with Wapsi to create a very nice entry level that goes for about $60 and has the materials and instruction book to tie a dozen each of 10 trout flies. No chasing around for missing stuff. It pairs the book with the materials. I have several buddies new to tying and love these Kits. Many shops also do this. Keep up with the market, you experts.
  7. It's back in play. I am working out the details on an effective way to get it in and out of Canada without a monster tax.
  8. I just got a buddy started with tying and found what I think is a very effective and economical way to get started. Cabelas has a kit that has tools, materials, hooks and specific instruction manual to tie 10 widely used flies. It's around $50. I like this focused approach as it takes you through various techniques instead of getting a box of stuff and then figuring out what to do next and making 3 trips to the fly shop for various materials. It's item #IF-318118. Go for the master vise.
  9. I have one of the Cabelas Double Nubby and would never buy another. The thing is a heavy beast. If you had 4 of those in your vest, it would just be too much. You can try to make some Bristle-Tac boxes with an existing box. Go to Wal-Marts sewing section and find industrial Velcro. Stick it into a gutted fly box and see what fits. Doesn't work too bad for the right sizes.
  10. The box is coming back to the swapmeister and I will re-set things. Thanks to Steve for helping get this back on track. If you have already seen the box, let me know. To ensure the positive future of the Mystery Box, I need to know that you have a copy of the original guidelines that I sent out and agree to abide by them. If you do not have a copy, let me know. If you don't want to agree to follow the guidelines, let me know as well. No hard feelings. It seems terribly juvenile to have to ask for such a thing, but as you can see, little things can make the whole thing go haywire and the next thing you know there are hard feelings. This is supposed to be a fun thing. If this box is hitting 2 homes a week, it will be a fun thing. Everybody likes getting cool mail and this is very cool mail. You guys have done a super job in contributing some nice flies to share. Let me know: 1. Have you had the box yet (Y/N) 2. Do you have a copy of the guidlines 3. Do you agree to abide by the guidelines to protect the group E-mail me at [email protected] Thanks, Jeff
  11. Fellas, as you know, I sent a group e-mail last week and e-mailed smokey 2 days ago. Neither outreach got a response from anybody. I'm frustrated that we couldn't find 10 guys that could read a set of instructions and follow a mailing list. For those of you that have been able to carry the load, no offense to you. Granted, we got jobbed by Canadian customs. I hope that this box didn't get black-holed as I've seen many others do.
  12. The Swap meister is not MIA. The Swapmeister sent instructions when this thing started to make communications via e-mail. This only required knowing my e-mail addy. This allows for almost immediate communication. I don't check this list more than once or twice a week. I'm not trying to be a school marm, but the instructions were put together based on experience with these type of things and are very specific for a reason, mainly to eliminate this kind of confusion. You all also received a roster in Word.doc form that could be easily saved to your computer. All of that is in place to allow me to provide a smooth swap for you folks. If you have misplaced these items, e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks for your help in getting this thing back in order by sticking with the program. The Mystery should be in what's in the box, not where the box is.
  13. Check out the kit that Cabelas sells for around $50. Designed to tie a dozen each of 10 flies that are outlined in the book that comes with it. That concept might make for a decent starter template for what you're doing. -Jeff
  14. Pop a cold beer and put on some Springsteen. Now that baseball seasonis year, I can liten to a ballgame on the radio.
  15. Fellas, Looks like another adventure with the Canadian postal system. I am somewhat resistant to waiting until May 1st to hand carry this thing to Canada. Under the original plan of action, this thing would have nearly gone around once. I think it should go return to sender, Pat, to avoid the charge. This hand carry stuff can only lead to the Canadian system handling the box again and doing who knows what. Pat, just send it on to the next guy on the list and we''ll figure out this customs thing and see how Art can participate. -Jeff
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