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  1. Hellow Sean, Check out your posting for help and you have one more place to try for materials. Ed
  2. Hellow Sean, I would also check out. www.johnsflymaterials.com very good prices and your usa dollar is worth $1.24 in Canada. You could do very well as thats like 24% off. John is a pretty good guy to deal with as I have bought from him for the past 15 years. Well I hope this helps. Ed
  3. Great flys and demo. Wow.
  4. hi Damian , Thats a great way to set yor flies and everyones . Remember 45 sec.
  5. Sorry to here about your battle of the bugs.I had a few bugs a few years ago when I bought some new material. I cured it by micro waves set on defrost for 45 mins and it worked good. I also store my stuff in the closet with moth balls, and i seal the closet door with plastic. I have never had any more bugs but micro is a definitly a good killer and I found it did not disturb the fibres as long as you dont use heat. Well I hope this helps friend. ED
  6. Hi, would any one be interested in sending Jon some over stock material. Just a thought as I remember when I was that age money and material was hard to get. ED
  7. Hello Jon and wel come to FTF.You are starting at the right age and dont be afraid to ask questions on this forum. This forum has a lot of super tyers and many years of expearence if you add all of the guys and women. I am sure everybody will help you get started, so get busy and ask a lot of questions. Good luck in your new hobby. ED
  8. Happy Birthday Al, Hope you have many more and good health. ED
  9. WelcometTim to an ainchent art and fun time. Ive been doing this about 30 yrs and still love every bit although bad health keeps interfering, good luck. ED
  10. Alec, great looking fly, im wondering if it will work inland on trout and walleye? ED
  11. Dave i dont know you but Im wishing you the best, and I hpoe to see more of your flys. You are a great inspiration to us disabled guys and I know you can do it. Bye for now. ED
  12. Sounds like a good drink will help when the hackle just doesnt go right some times. ED
  13. Hello Dave and welcome to the forem . I know you like this site. ED
  14. HI Lyndon, Just a note wondering why you dont check out shopping for materials in Detroit? ED
  15. Hello Dan, Just to answer yor question, it is Johns Fly Materials and he has a large inventory. I just love his materials and he is very promt in shipping although i havent ordered from him in 5 yrs. any way he is at johnsflymaterials.com Phone is 519-645-0932. I think you will be happy with John and say Hi for me, from Vernon, BC. ED
  16. Hello Mike. They are some great looking flies and i see you are one great tyer. Show us some more. ED
  17. For the macaw feathers punch in blue macaw feathers. There is a 20in center tail. Ebay
  18. hello salmon tyers. there is nice blue macaw feathers on ebay. seller is karined 6880, item no. 150197346650. seller also has body and tail . ed
  19. Hi Lyndon, just thought i would let you know there is an excellent fly shop in London Ont. it is called Johns fly shop. He has great material and gives great service. Bye the way he fished with the great Polly Rosborouh from Wa.or Oregen.Ask him about his fishing trips out west here. Bye for now and good fishing. ED
  20. Paul, very nice flies.
  21. Rocky, I just happen to have a spare copy of Michial Frodins book and I would gladly give you agood deal on it or trade for something. pm if interested but will not ship till after Xmas. You pay shipping. ED
  22. Hello Bobfly. THe magazine is called Fly Tyer Winter-2007. you can order it @www.flyfishingmagazines.comm or phone 1-800-3978159. I hope you get because its a great mag. also along with Hatches mag. Hope this helps. ED
  23. Mike thats sure great floss work and also love hackling.
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