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  1. i am in need of some good salmon patterns for use on great lakes rivers.
  2. I am wondering if anyone has any bee,wasp, or yellow-jacket patterns. I think they would probably work during the summer when many bees swarm around lakes or ponds to drink.
  3. I will be fishing for steelhead in the spring and I was wondering if these flies are good for catching steelhead.
  4. I live near several nice rivers with many smallies in them and I am in need of some good patterns to tie and use.I once fished for them with a live crawfish and caught a nice sized one so I think a crayfish pattern would probebly work. please help me.
  5. I am going fishing for steelhead next spring and I am in need of some easy egg patterns to tie.Please help me
  6. Here is a alevin pattern fly that I came up with. I am wondering what fish that alevins catch and how to fish them.
  7. I will be fishing for panfish,trout,salmon,and possibly steelhead.
  8. I will be fly-fishing around the central Michigan area and I need to know some good flies to tie and use.I have almost everything to tie flies so I can try tying anything.Please Post.
  9. I am new to fly tying and will someone please tell me some easy patterns for me to try tying.
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