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  1. Thanks! They certainly produce for me. Galloup casts these things with a 6 wt but I like an 8 wt for them, especially the baby bass.
  2. Visit My Website Here's a few more: 1. Kelly Galloup's Heifer Groomer 2. River Angler MD original Dazzle Daddy 3. Kelly Galloup's Heifer Groomer (articulated Zoo Cougar)
  3. Visit My Website Inspired by Kelly Galloup's articulated streamers, my Wool & Flash Baby bass is a killer for river smallmouth bass!
  4. epoxy putty or tungsten putty wil add some serious width, too. I'd go for the the weave technique. Tie in a white underbody of floss Weave the body with dark brown and clear ribbing For the antenae, I'd use fireline or some other kind of braided line. It's got the right color, and it's very limp and will move around more than stiff maxima. But, it may foul around your tippet. I like going without antenae. - Adam
  5. The bugs come out of the shell white like the photos. Then, they slowly turn black and orange over a few hours. Then, they fly off. They don't fly too much untill they're ready to begin mating, a few days or so. The females have an extended, potruding butt that usually orange sometimes black and the females are filled with fat. The males are a bit shorter and basically hollow. I posted the pattern under warmwater species. I posted late at night and wasn't sure of the hook size. Anyway, all I tried to do was focus in on attributes of the fly that I thought the fish might key in on: Orange eyes, orange w/ black belly, wide profile, that female butt, orange legs, shiny wings with amber outlines, and of course some flash.
  6. Thanks SD, I can't wait to fish 'em!
  7. Here's my fleet of adult flies
  8. here's some photos I took late at night with the new camera. The definitely seem to hatch more at night. And, as far as I can tell, they're attracted to light.
  9. I like that fly! Where's the hook & hook eye?! Very curious
  10. I'd love to see a picture of that pattern. Sounds interesting & inventive. But, it seems like a lot of time and trouble for a bug that 'sonly here for 3 months every 17 years. Brood X hatched in PA last year??
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by woollywilma: brood X
  12. Vladimir, Thanks for the tips. My camera is a c-750 ultra zoom. I'm a bit confused by your post / terminology, though. Remember, I'm a comoplete novice; it's all Greek to me. I guess what you're telling me is that I can't zoom in for what you call a "raw image" that will look big and fill my frame while I'm taking the picture. But, I can do that on photoshop afterwards. I'm not sure of the difference between super macro and macro, and I'm not sure why I have to switch camera modes to use one or the other. Isn't enlarging via compute bad because I'll loose too much resolution? Or, is 4 mega pixils good enough so that won't make too much of a difference? What's this about a macro filter? Is that worth it for me? Sorry for my ignorance. - Adam
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