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  1. Group, Teeny nymph: fish it on the bottom and let it drift. Chili Pepper: First fly out and my "go to" bug. Golden Squirrel (aka Royce Dam). This streamer is way under-rated. I have fished it: it gets results. White Wulff BWO-parachute--a good choice about everywhere. Simple and they all work. You can pick and choose sizes as needed in your area. tid
  2. group, "tidbit": my little dogs name. simple and I can remember it? tid
  3. Guys, I have dealt with the "dungeon" since he was selling at auctions. He has always been reliable and always delivered. He produces the items and retails it; A couple of guys do it all. If you are abroad: I am sure it will take a bit longer. He should come through: always has for me. You'll be happy with what you receive. He has some very interesting material--at a great price. Just be a little patient. Next time--if ya need the material sooner---plan accordingly. tid
  4. Bob, Call a taxidermist--probably have some of a hide left over from a mount that you could purchase. If nothing locally, look to Texas--lots of exotics hunted there and anyone of the local Texas taxidermists could provide you with your needs. tid
  5. Group, tidbit here. I use Sally Hansons, nail polish, head cement--whatever is at hand most of the time. A GOOD whip finish is usually enough: but the cement/sealer helps to hold it all together. You should cement. Not trying to tell anyone how to do it. If you are fishing in the salt you REALLY need to cement or seal whatever you want to call it. Just do it---it is CHEAP insurance aganist that ever probable---Mr. Murphy. Just my 2 cents worth. tid
  6. Graham & trip companions, You guys must have had aGREAT time: pictures show wondeful fish. We ALL wish we could have taggedalong. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us. A picture of the flies used could be helpful. tidbit
  7. Hey group, tidbit here. Could one of the group tell me the location of the show---city and location please. I would be comming from Ohio and need a route / I would like to attend. tidbit
  8. Group, ALL of the mentioned singers, groups, duos and assorted are wonderful. I beleive I have enjoyed most of those: some more than others. ha. One group has not been mentioned ( I might have missed them)---here for all you old GOATS: THe BAND--Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard and Robbie Robertson. I don't think they have played together since 1978. Martin Scorsese made a movie about their last gig: The Last Waltz. There is a FLASH from the past for all you "children of the 60's". tidbit
  9. "OK" Where do we ship the items ? Who is gonna ship them ? tidbit
  10. Leif, Another wonderful expression of your tying skills: magnificent. How about a step-by-step on the hopper: I know everybody wants to give it a try. You and Graham are keeping us "watering-at-the mouth" to see your next creations. tidbit
  11. Graham, Another wonderful REALISTIC: keep crankin them out and we'll keep enjoying them. How about a complete tutorial on that hopper ? tidbit
  12. tidbit

    Tying room

    Hey Group, Here is a picture of my tying desk. Nothing fancy--an old roll-top desk. Kinda simple. tidbit
  13. hey group, Can somebody give me an idea of what to use for antenna? Materials and preparation would help. thanks, tidbit
  14. Hey Guys, Got mine tyed also: need a shipping address. tidbit
  15. Hey Guys I'd like to join this swap. Thanks, tidbit
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