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  1. group By far the guy you want to talk to about wool and using wool in your tying is Royce Dam of Wisconsin. He is a "Buz" award winner and a really nice guy. He has several DVD's out that sell for about $20.00 and are very detailed. You can call him at: 1-414-476-4599 I have no ties what-so-ever to his products. I just like his work. tidbit
  2. Paul, WONDERFUL: where can I get your book ? tidbit
  3. Skunked, tidbit here. Put the hook in the vise the regular way ( that is hook point down. Tye in the eyes about one third of the way back on the hook. Tye in one ( 1) toothpicks worth of deer hair. Turn the fly over ( this is the way the fly will run inthe water ( hook point up). Tye in krystal flash; now tye in about two (2) toothpicks worth of deer hair. Seal and coat the head: your finished. Red eyes: that is what Bob uses--whether there is a fish with red eyes or not. I use red eyes. You could use bead-chain. I'm sure it really dosen't matter. Bead chain is lighter in weight--so, you'd get a SLOWER sinking fly. Smallies like that. Hope this all helps. You can contact Bob Clouser at: www.clouserflyfishing.com I am sure Bob would be glad to hear that there is so much conversation about his minnow. tidbit
  4. Beautiful bug. What size ? ? I'll take six. tidbit
  5. pacres, yea, I need to donate some to a worthy kid or TU. Any ideas ? ? I use the plano boxes as well. You can buy 4 or 5 and it'll keep you at the vise for awhile trying to fill them. tidbit
  6. Storage ? ? ? I use medium sized Rubbermaid containers--pretty much air tight. Everything inside---I mean everything---goes into a zip-lock bags (squeeze the air out as much as possible). I divided up the hair (elk, deer, goat, whatever) into separate bags and one container. Another container has the feathers (capes, saddles, strunghackle, whatever) separate bags here also. Two samller containers hold the rabbit strips, estaz, craft furs and so on. All in separate bags. I think you get the drift by now. ALL containers have moth crystals in plastic film containers with holes so the fumes can migrate. In the bigger containers I just used plastic tubes to hold the moth crystals. I don't have all that much material (some of these guys can fill a 55 gallon drum); I just don't want to lose what I have. I NEVER introduce anything to one of the containers till I let in sit in a separate container for about a month ( this container has about three (3) times the moth crystals---I mean you can smell them when ya open the box. .I just want to be sure it does not have a bug. I'm sure these guys do similiar things. Just an old man over working the idea. tidbit tidbit
  7. Skunked, I think your a bit too sparce. Look at the above pictures--just add a bit more bucktail. tidbit--omo
  8. Fans of the Clouser, tidbit here. Went and dug out the video: "The Complete Clouser Minnow." In the video Bob states that the top bundle of deer should be "twice" as large as the bottom bundle. Words from the master. So if ya got one (1) toothpick's worth on the bottom of the fly ya need two (2) toothpicks worth on top. The flys I have look a little SHY on the top bundle. Bob Clouser tied them and if it's good enough for him--it's sure fine with me. Heck, I'll NEVER fish them anyway. tidbit
  9. tidbit again, I see there is some interest in CLOUSERS. Maybe we could get Troutbum or Conehead to host a Clouser swap ? ? ? Spring is comming and those smallies like Clouser Minnows. I'm "in" if we can get somebody to host. Say maybe 12 swappers;anybody interested ? Let the group know. tidbit
  10. Shoe & swappers, tidbit and George Church: same guy. Some have asked about the "tidbit" username: that is my little female dog. tidbit
  11. Clouser fans, I too like Clousers and fish them a good bit of the time. I have several flies that I watched "The Master" tye in his shop. Two of the flies are tyed in chartruse and one is a size #4 the other #6. Both look to have about the same amount of deer hair . On the bottom of the fly (top side of the hook--usually) Bob has about one (1 ) toothpicks worth of deer hair. On the other side he uses a bit more: I don't think I'd call it two (2) toothpicks worth of hair. These flies are good examples of Clouser's work. A MASTER ! ! ! Bob also uses both krystal flash and flash-a-bou in both of these flies: don't know what he uses on the many other variations he tyes. I am sure it is "unlimited". Most of the Clousers in Bob's shop have RED dumb-bell eyes. He might use other colors but I do not remember seeing them when I was last there. The eyes and the placement of the eyes on the hook shank are important to the tye ( this has been discussed over and over again in many articles). And Bob likes the eyes about 1/3 of the hook shank length from the hook eye. If you have never seen Bob tye make an effort to go and watch: Bob has huge hands and they just are amazing at the vise. He is one of the nicest guys in the fly tying community. The first time I met him--I walked into his shop in Middleton and introduced myself. Told him I had driven six hours to meet him: he got up, shook my hand and invited me into his tying room. We talked for about an hour and he tyed me these two flies. Like being with an old friend. I am sure he treats everyone exactly the same--What a guy. This is just an one old man's opinion, tidbit
  12. Swappers, "OK": now how do you want the flies ? ? 10 different patterns ? 5 patterns / [email protected] ? Or just a random sampling of tyes: 20 flies [email protected] ? I still need an address on where to ship the flies. tidbit
  13. Fred, How about an address and I'll get my contribution ready to go. tidbit
  14. Guys, This is a good idea: I was in the swap on VFB. Somebody just "got lazy" or greedy or whatever and the boxes just quit moving. You get to look at a BUNCH of different styles of tying---flies were amazing. I'm in if ya can get it going. tidbit
  15. Gang, can anybody tell me exactly where this show is held ? ? ? Met Bob Clouser last year at his shop: what a great guy. Treated me and the wife like he had known us for years. Goin fishing with him this Fall. tidbit
  16. Wooly Booger lovers, tidbit here. I'm gettin in on this a bit late: however, I really don't tye all that many boogers. My go to fly is the Chili Pepper as tyed by Tony Spezio of Mt. Home Arkansas. A flat out trout catcher on the White river and many other places. Don't go to Arkansas without it. I think Tony tyes them on size #12 hooks. I like the look of Shoes' pepper --and shoe can I get a half dozen--I'll send along something in return? I also tye a peacock---kinda---fly and then I have the fly that I caught my first fish on: red tail (usually marabou) , black body (chenille) and plamer with a grizzly feather. Works alot of times. And lastly, a WHITE bugger: sometimes with a grizzly feather palmered and sometimes with just a white feather. Woolly Buggers have been catchin fish for who knows how long ? ? ? It is a wonder to behold. I have seen them used in Flordia, Arkansas, Kansas, Washington ( state), New Mexico and come to think of it--just about any where I have fished. I think we all should carry a few. Just an old mind---over workin the subject. tidbit
  17. All righty then, 20 flies ! ! ! Let's go to 24: an even two dozen ? ? ? need an address on where to ship ? ? ? tidbit
  18. Swappers, Looks great to me. I'll "post" the day I receive the box: then I'll "post" the day I ship. Sound good to everybody ? ? ? tidbit
  19. OK guys, This is obviously a good swap---PLEASE open this up to more swappers. I mean--everybody--fishes this type of fly. I'd like to be included. tidbit
  20. Hey group, Just wanted to take a minute and tell EVERYONE what an excellent job on the contest: unbelieveable. I voted in 4 or 5 classes and I had a tough time selecting what I think is the BEST fly--great work. Gonna try and look over the unvoted catagories and make a selection today. You guys are great. Nice work ALL around, tidbit
  21. Swinks, BUMMER I don't get to many shows but that was only a couple of hours from my home. Would have been nice. Is that: buckeyeunitedflyfishers.com or buckeyeunitedflyfishers.org , thanks, tidbit
  22. "OK", glad to hear that you received my address. I'm ready to ADD to the box--lots of material. Thanks for letting me tag-along, tidbit
  23. Yea, I want and try and go: WHERE is the show in Eastlake ? ? ? And when & where is the Dayton show? ? ? tidbit somebody please e-mail me: [email protected]
  24. Swappers, Has the box started it roubnds as yet ? ? ? tidbit
  25. Woolheads, Wonderful tyes. Royce Dam from Wisconsin just completed a DVD on tying his sculpin: Fantastic! Royce has a special style of tying and the work is wonderful to watch. Royce does not have a web page but you can contact him by e-mailing; [email protected] The best way is to call him: 1-414-476-4599. As an aside; Royce received the "Buzz" award from FFF in 88 or 89. A nice guy. I think the DVD is $24.00---something like that. tidbit
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