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  1. Lookin forward to the "viewing & voting". Thanks for that GREAT effort in accomplishing the photos in record time. tidbit
  2. GREAT, Now, what are ya gonna do with all those flies ? ? ? tidbit You guys all know tidbit is my 5 lbs dog : right ? ? ? She either sits on my lap as I look at the computer----or gets MAD when I'm at the tying desk. Don't figure, maybe it does; female. Nothing bad intended at the ladies on the list---forgive me.
  3. "OK", When do we get to view the flies and where ? ? How do we vote ? ? ? I'm old--gimmy a break. tidbit
  4. hey guys, I've went to Wapsi Ultra Thread in the 70 ( that is for the samller flies---14 and down). But I use it for everything except spinning deer hair. It works for me and is about a buck $1.00 a spool. tidbit
  5. Hey group, tidbit here. I do believe we have been had! ! ! If I am wrong then I am SORRY. Really. ANYBODY receive flies ? ? ? Hope he comes through--this looks bad. tidbit
  6. This is is great--- I thought I was the only lunatic here. Beer, pipe & tobacco (that 's 1 not 2) and my little female dog---tidbit. The dog goes everywhere: well almost EVERYWHERE. tidbit
  7. Try and ask this guy: Bob [email protected] He lived there for awhile and maybe he could get ya hooked up. tidbit
  8. Guys & gals, In March--there is no place like the White river in Arkansas. If ya go the weekend of the 18th, 19th and 20th you'll get to vist the Sowbug Roundup in Mt. Home. A wonderful event that Tony Spezio helped to popularize. There will be over 90 tyers from all over the USA. Plus at least one or two from England or Germany. It is a fine event. I have been going for several years and have been fishing in Arkansas for about 15 or 20 years. An old service buddie--he lives in Little Rock--and I get together to tell lies and settle the woes of the world. Good fun all round. Try Arkansas, you'll be glad you did. Good fishing and good weather in March. tidbit
  9. Guys, Good luck: hope the weather does not treat ya too badly. Wish I could go: good or bad weather. And Yes, I would bring bail $$$$$$$$$$. Have a good trip, tidbit
  10. Chris & Swappers, Still no flies. Chris, I know you movin (well, I think your movin)---you did ship me the flies--Right ? Not angry--just concerned. The Post Office probably dropped the ball. Anybody else not receive their flies ? ? tidbit
  11. Hey Guys, Hope ya all have a really good time: maybe catch a few steelies. I had every intention of attending this event; however, work has deceided that I WILL be there. Sorry I cannot tag along. maybe next time, tidbit
  12. Hey guys, let me know if I'm "in" or not on this swap. Either way is "ok." tidbit
  13. Guys & gals, Cannot say I taught anyone in particular. However, I did several fly tying shows and was pleased to help out a couple of tyers--does that count ? ? ? tidbit
  14. Hey guys, I find that the smallies really go after an orange crayfish pattern here in Ohio. Water here is discolored most of the time. Weighted to be fished on--the--bottom and fished slowly with short jerks should do the trick. A Teeny or Rio sinking line worls best to keep the fly down there. Go get em'. tidbit
  15. Contest participants, Am really looking forward to viewing this years contestants. I did not send a fly in this year ( new to the list) and just did not feel that I am up to the tying level of some of you guys & gals. Looking forward to voting. Good luck to all. tidbit
  16. Hey guys, I'd like to tag along on this. Can you guys stand a Hair Wing Coachman for a contribution ? ? Need particulars. tidbit
  17. Swappers, yea: I want in on this box. I like the idea. tidbit
  18. tidbit


    Hey group, tidbit here. I'd like to comment on this thread: I have tried most of the stuff available today and some of the stuff from years past. I like Denny Conrads stuff: wonderful stuff. You have to try it to believe it. I tried his dry fly hackle and it is superioquality without all the Pricey advertising. By the way---Denny and I talked a few weeks back and he HAS the genetic line to produce "CREE". Give him a call and have him tell ya about it. None of this: " I may get a cree every--now--and--then" stuff. Prices--I just shudder when I see stuff like: Whiting Capes (Gold) for $90.00. Then there is the Saddle (Gold) for 65.00. I like saddles; I think you get more for your bucks. But $90.00--is this dollars or peso's. Just kidding. Ask Denny about his pricing--you'll be pleased. I think all the colors are wondeful and if ya have a mind to be creative then jump in and spend those bucks. Myself, I think I'll stick to: Grizzly, Brown, Black and maybe a Dun just for the flavor. Now this is dry fly stuff--so don't hit me too hard abouteestreamers, soft hackles and all the rest--it goes on and on. Again, just my 2 cents worth. Not trying to tell anyone how or what to tye or what to use when tying. Happy tying, tidbit
  19. Hey group, tidbit here. Looks like I may get to go on this trip after all. Not a "positive" as yet: work requirements but it looks good. Could somebody send me a quick overview of where we are going and basic gear I'll need. I have the heavy duty waders and all that "polyproplene" underwear. I just need the short list. If the weather turns foul and nasty I'll be staying home: I live in Ohio and I had to travel in that storm last Wednesday--took over three hours to go 75 miles and it was miserable. My power was out for over 72 hours---bummer. I'll keep ya posted. tidbit
  20. Hey Tyers, tidbit here. Now it is December 27th and still NO flies: anybody else not receive theirs ? ? ? Just checkin. tidbit
  21. Hey Guys, tidbit here. I have not received my flies as yet---probably the POST OFFICE and the Christmas rush. maybe tomorrow. Sorry about the inactivity of the last few days: lost my computer and just got up and running again. tidbit
  22. Hey group, My computer "crashed" & "burned" on Sunday, so i'll be off-line for awhile. Looking to be back as soon as Dell gets me the new box. Sorry--have a good holiday season. tidbit
  23. tidbit


    Jason, WELCOME. A bunch of good people here. tidbit
  24. Hey Steve, WELCOME. You'll like this board lots and lots of friendly people. tidbit
  25. tidbit here, I'm back to work tomorrow after a few days off. I'll try and see what work looks like for that weekend; right now it is no problem. Weather permitting I'll tag along; I need directions. Now on these flies: what size sucker spawn ? #16's And BROWN buggers--is that right ? Again, what sizes ? thanks guys, tidbit
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