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  1. Damian, Go brother . Nice job, tidbit
  2. Hey Graham, Your a CELEBRITY--- Nice notes on the "Chuck-n-duck" line. I have been using the "Clouser" line (RIO product) and feel sure it is much like the Teeny line. It gets the fly down on the botton and keeps it there. Let's not tell everybody about this---you know---word gets around and everyone is doing it. Just kidding. tidbit
  3. Mayo, Here goes: again this is my way and there are many WAYs. First-I tyed on a TV tray--new tyer. Second-- kitchen table--not good-- feathers got in the chow and the wife complained a bit ! Third---dining room table---Lasted about a month; a mass of general confussion. Wife bitched alot. Fourth---- went out to the OLD hardshell camper ( that was a 1962) for all you old guys. I tied in that for probably 8 or nine years.:got me out of the house, had all the junk (wife's words) in one place and the wife "did not" complain. My mess and I had to deal with it. No children, no dogs and nobody to bug me---er bother me. We purchased a newer camper. Fifth----- And the last. I tye in an upstairs bedroom ( not a bedroom---now a tying room) on an old rolltop desk. I like all the little cubbie holes and the drawers for my small quanity of material. I try and not collect alot of material ( sorry to all the guys who do). I find that as my tying continues and improves ( I've been doing this for awhile) I don't use alot of the stuff I started out with: aka chenille---I hardly ever use the stuff. Anybody need some ? ? ? Don't know if that helps but it does give you an idea of what I went through. Hopefully, I can stay "upstairs" for awhile. Don't know that I like walking up & down all those stairs. The house has personality----that means lot & lots of work. How you get a soultion. A drain in the middle would probably help as hywel has pointed out already. tidbit
  4. Graham, OUTSTANDING ! ! ! What a bug. What material did you use for the legs ? ? I found the plastic you are talking about: Wal-mart or K-mart--I don't remember which. I bought a bunch. In the fabric department with all the other material. Now, how do I cut the stuff in even strips: do you have a cloth cutting board or are you cutting by hand ? ? Thanks for a great tutorial. Hey group, maybe we can get Graham to send us one for Christmas ! ! ! Tidbit
  5. Hey John, I'm a new guy too. I too agree: nice sight, these guys make ya feel welcome. I'm in a swap and I got invited along on a fishing trip to Pa. in January 05---pretty good for a newbie. Thanks to the group as a whole and WELCOME John. tidbit
  6. GREAT, Thanks for the information. If work and weather permit I'll tag along. That "ok" with everybody ? tidbit
  7. "ok" group, Ring Neck Pheasant & deer hair. tidbit
  8. hey group, I'd like to tag along on this outing: I've never been there so I need some guidelines. This looks like the group that answered my earlier e-mail. I'm a NEW guy. Give me some details: motels/ hotels, fly shops, streams, flies any info. that you care to pass along. thanks, tidbit
  9. Hey guys, thanks for all the e-mails. I think Adam has what i am lookin for. About 24 inches: enough to tye about two dozen mouse patterns. Even and thick hair. Adam, is this a harvested caribou or did you purchase the hide ? ? tidbit
  10. Hey group, Again, new to this forum. Anybody got a good source for a good piece of caribou ? ? ? I don't need a 2 X 2 inch piece: I need a good 24 inches of hide. Suitable for tying some good mouse patterns. I would purchase more if I get a good hide. I have looked at most of the regular sources and they just don't have what I need . Thanks Guys, tidbit
  11. Hey guys, thanks for all the replys. Would love to get together in Pa.---please keep me posted with a date. maybe we can get Graham to come from California---he can bring the warm weather. Yea, I do like what is see and hear here. I have been lokin around for a few days and your group is great; free sharing of information and you even give new guys an invite to fish---- I am in one swap--the Hairwing streamer swap. So I feel WELCOME. THANKS, tidbit
  12. Just two: one drys (small box---maybe 25 or 30 flies) and everything else ( big box---probably 75 bugs). I am trying to get this stuff down to one medium size shoulder bag. I gave up the vest a couple of years ago: just got too heavy. Way too much stuff. Now and then I feel like I might have left something behind---but I get over it quickly. maybe we should ask how many rods do you take to the river ? ? Again, two. tidbit
  13. "ok" no boo's or hollerin-- Vladimir Horowitz--it is just soooooooooooooooooo nice and you can bang out a bunch of flys. "OK"so i'm old. tidbit
  14. Hey group, New guy in town. Believe it or not I just found this page--stupid. I was looking around and finally stumbled---clicked on an unknown---and here I am. I'll try and be short: I am 53 years old live in Ohio (around the Coshocton/ Wooster areas) been flyfishing for about 30 years: started in the military (old Vietnam vet) and just have kept at it. Still like the long rod--have a fondness for old fiberglass rods with slow actions. My current rod is a Scott 6 wt. . Orivs large arbor reel. fly tying for about 12 or 14 years: I do tye lots of flies for trout and bass. I have never created anything NEW. Use alot of different materials--not many beadheads--I don't know why. Think some of the new stuff is super. I look everywhere for tying material. favorite flies: chili pepper, white wulff, BWO ( tyed papachute style), a nymph of my own design--tyed on Mustads' #37160 hook in # 14 ( that is the curved design), clouser--a killer fly everywhere, mouse and a few others. fish mostly for smallies & steelhead: smallies--everywhere in Ohio and the steelies up on the Lake Erie tributries. am thinking of trying Pa. Anybody get up there ? ? ? married/ two grown daughters: one wife--who needs more than that. Daughters both out of the house ? ? ? I am semi-retired. tidbit
  15. For me it was not keeping the scissors in my hand. I'd lay them down and pick them up several times during the tying process. I have a shop about 50 miles from where I live. I had the owner watch me tye ( we made a home video) and then critique the work. WOW, does it open your eyes. I found several things I kept doing over-n-over again. Laying down the scissors, having too much thread out of the bobbin, and the worst---far too many turns of thread. If two turns will hold the material---only use two. Sometimes it is necessary to add wraps but usually LESS is better. Especially up near the head and whip finishing. That has been quite a few years ago now. But having someone watch you and discuss the work helps alot. You need someone who is an experienced tyer---that way, you have some added interest and that tyer has probably worked through most of the problems we all encounter. I think just tying and tying over and over again will not always help you. Sometimes a class is of great benefit. If I wanted to tye Atlantic salmon flys ( and do it well) I take a lesson. Most of the good tyers are more than happy to give you some pointers. Me, I'm just a duffer. Still learnin and I've been tying for about 12 or 14 years. tidbit
  16. Group, tidbit here. I'm new to this group but I'll give ya some info on my tying. I'll be tying my dry fly box (boxes). Usually BWO parachutes in 16 to 20. Nothing fancy there: just a good working fly. Sometimes I'll tye in a piece of pink "flash" just so i can see the fly---Graham taked about this yesterday. Added to that is the Adams in the standard #16--only size I use. I tye it with the wings erect and with moose hair for the tail---many variations here (semi-spent wing, orange tails, deer hair tails and the list goes on and on). Lastly is the EHC as tied by Mr. Troth himself. Sometimes I'll dub a bit of red wool on the butt--just for a change. Either way the EHC works. Nymphs: I have been tying with some material I purchased from the MAD SCIENTIST in Montana. Essentially it is a "rubber band." Great stuff and easy to work with. I have been using Mustad's 37160 Caddis larve hook: you know, the one that is bent. It has unlimited possiblities. I have found that most of the bugs I find under rocks and in stream beds are curved not STRAIGHT--hence the use of that hook. I also tye and fish hex's--love'em. Other nymphs are just variations of other flys. Streamers/ buggers: mostly the "Chili Pepper" as tied by Tony Spezio---love it because it WORKS. I don't know if it is the style or color or size or what makes fish like this bugger. But I like the orange/ copper bug and the fish do too. I like the GOLDEN SQUIRREL as tied by Royce Dam but also find the old Mickey Finn a good all around streamer. I also tye and fish a black sclupin, Black Gordon ( a favorite of mine), black ant and a white wolly bugger. I use a crayfish--in rusty brown--for smallies. And I have a "crystal shrimp" for the salt that has worked for many hook ups. I don't know why ! I have been tying for about 12 years and I don't always know where I'm going with it. I, of course, experiment with lots & lots of varitations. But my boxes are rather simple by some standards. Not much new here, tidbit
  17. Graham, Your are right: having a good time is the thing. I think you are having a truly GREAT time. Looks like you have traveled a bit and "been there--done that" stage of your life. I too keep my butt out of fly shops: If go in I come out with less in my pocket. That is "ok" to an extent but NEWER and IMPROVED don't mean much to me. For years I hunted big game traveled a bit. However, a new firearm did not make me a better hunter. Neither does a new rod make a better caster. It takes time to learn. But every once in awhile a new product does help. Don't want to bore you to tears here. I do think I have a couple of your flies: just too similiar to not be yours. Do you hail from California ? ? ? Don't need specifics here--just wondering. A few years ago I exchanged flies with a fellow out there and the tyes look like yours. The fly is that "bead bugger" that you used in South America. Maybe not. Again: nice flies, nice fish, tidbit
  18. Graham, Yea, a green caddis in #8. What a fish. Jim Teeny: does fish his own stuff. Gotta love a guy who promotes and uses what he sells. I think Jim proves that bigger fish are caught in the water coulum---not on the surface. Now, I love to dry fly fish and it is exciting, the fact remains---the pigs are in the water. Also, I have been using the AST Streamer line. I find if I up load the rod by two line weight sizes I get the fly on the bottom much quicker. This line still lets you have some control ( i.e. you can still feel the fly). Have also talked with Bob Clouser about RIO's Clouser line---must be similiar to those heavy "chuck & duck" lines you spoke about. Let's ya cast those big heavy flies--not alot of control but it does get the fly "out there". Lastly, any thoughts on those "multi-tip" lines . About everybody is offering them. Well done, tidbit
  19. Aithead, thanks a million for the link to Graham's pictures. Now, can ya tell me how to get to the "General discussion" page. I think I'm getting to old for this. And hey, I want in on trip with Graham next Fall--maybe even get some of his luck rubbed off---can't hurt. thank, tidbit
  20. Hey Graham, Love your flies. How about a picture with your face showing---kinda want to put a "face " with all those big fish and beautiful flies. tidbit
  21. Chris, No need to send me back the extra flies: just send along an additionl fly of yours. Maybe something Avant Garde. tidbit
  22. Chris: thanks for the addy. flies on the way to you today: 27 Oct 04 I tied a "Hairwing Royal Cachman." It has worked for me for 10 years; not a fancy fly but if ya fish streamers alot and give tham a chance you can sometimes get a nice fish. Hope you all like this tye. tidbit
  23. "OK" Chris, I need the address: I'll opt to send along 11 flies. tidbit
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