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  1. Well, I 've been flyfishing for over 30 years. Started tying back then but took up tying seriously about 1992--you do the math. I'm new to this list and just have been "looking & listening". I thought this was a good idea. Sometimes we forget just how long we have been doing something. tidbit
  2. OK Kingfisher, I'm in: so I tye 11 flies--Right ? ? ? tidbit Also, need the address where to send the flies ? ? ?
  3. Sorry Guys, I did not realize the swap was full. next time, tidbit
  4. Hey guys, ------first time here------- I'm in on the hairwing swap if we can stay at 12 flies. Is that "ok" with everyone. Can one of you guys help me with the info. I need? Where and to whom do I ship the flies ? ? ? tidbit
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