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  1. Ducky, what is the material behind the maribou colar on the second row? Would also like to know the recipe for the fourth row.
  2. That's really great. They are adorable. Enjoy them while you can, they grow up so fast!!!
  3. I don't, maybe I should do an inventory! Before I go to a show or my local Orvis store, I usually go through all of my stuff to see what I might need.
  4. Great Looking pattern Joe. I will definately tie a couple of those!!!
  5. I call this pattern, the Bassinator. If you tie it in black or another dark color, should work for high muddy water. This fly really pushes a lot of water.
  6. I will be there all day tomorrow. Look forward to meeting you Stack.
  7. It is a 3/0 O'Shawnessey. I don't remember the brand. I have them in an organizer. Thanks for the compliments.
  8. Here is an alternate pattern for my fly swap. It is a lot easier to tie and and looks almost as good.
  9. duckydoty, here is the link to the recipe I used. http://brianmullaney.com/ultrashrimp.htm I used 5 minute epoxy, but I am probably going to switch to the 30 minute epoxy to give me more time to work with it. Henry, could you pm me with some of your suggestions to make the fly better? Joe Thanks for the comment.
  10. This is my first time dealing with epoxy. This is also my first Ultra Shrimp. I think it turned out ok. I learned that you have to wait until the epoxy is in that in between stage where it is not runny or sticky before you apply it or it runs into the legs. I am toying with the idea of tying these for a fly swap on another site. What do y'all think? Here is a pic.
  11. I told my wife that I wanted to make an organizer for my tying stuff. She bought me the kraft wood and dowels some time ago before deer season started. I got around to making it the other day. Here are a couple of pics.
  12. Look again. I gave you some company. Great feature Will.
  13. I am left handed and tie and do 99.9% of everything else left handed.
  14. I agree with Steeldrifter and Bentflyrod, The main reason, I go to my local shop and spend untold amounts of money on tying and fly fishing stuff is that they know me by name and they really like to talk flyfishing. Even if you don't buy anything, these guys always take the time with me. I could always order the stuff online a little cheaper, but my computer dosn't talk flyfishing. It also makes it a lot easier to have something worked on for service or warrenty issues. It is a pain in the butt to send stuff back. Customer Service is the key. If you and your fellow staffers are always freindly, helpful and suggestive without being pushy, you will be sucessful. Its the little things like if you buy a new fly line from them, they spool it on the reel for you even if you didn't get the outfit from them. Good Luck PS I have a similar dream except I want to have a kayak fishing store with kayaks and all types of fishing gear. I hope it works out for you.
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