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  1. Didn't know where to put this topic. I have a few fly fishing blogs w/videos. Can I post them on here somewhere? When I click on the Blogs link in the top toolbar this is what I get: Fatal error: Class 'db_driver' not found in /home/willmull/public_html/sources/sql/mysql_blog_queries.php on line 30 Hmmmm...
  2. CLOSED? But it's not November 25 yet... New Swap Porfavor...lol
  3. Love the body... Is that gold wire?
  4. Holy Crawdad. I have never seen anything like that...only heard of it. Thanks for sharing that pic with me. Oh and I have been seeing so many freaking sweet flies on here I wonder if I can buy some...or trade? Theres prolly somewhere for that here....better go look. That purple kills me. Luv it
  5. I think I'll hold on to it.....LOL it is from a 60+ year old collection but I have no proof it's from pre-ban years. How crazy is that. The only reason I put it on Ebay is because I watched 2 patches sell a few months back and thought...."Hmmm I don't use that stuff anymore and @ $50 per patch I could buy me a new reel or sumpin sumpin" It's true that being uneducated is no excuse. So now I'm educated and I feel a lot better....and by the way, what were we talkin about?..*wink
  6. Never hit those before. I might have to check that out. What lurks in the ponds? Who do I contact to get access? As for the crappie. I let all mine go and share my bait fishing buddies slew of fish. He agrees as long as I help fillet. PM me and I'll tell you where I go to catch them.
  7. Rawkin body. I love silver and grey in any fly.
  8. Sometimes, when I look through my flies, one or two stick out to me, and I think....man that thing really looks tasty. I was just looking at patterns on this very site and I came across deflyguys rockworm pattern. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...amp;hl=rockworm I would eat this fly if I ate flies. It makes my mouth water. I can only imagine what this baby does to a fat trout. What fly looks tasty enough for you to eat? Come on now.....you know you want to answer....
  9. I want one of those to display in my office. The tail rawks imo.
  10. In Arco...I wish. I go over to Mountain Home. Are you ever near Boise? it's about a 3 hour drive from here.
  11. TheBigLost

    Veterans Day

    And a thanx from Idaho to.. What a thing to have done for me!
  12. I have been catching trout all my life and never really gave any consideration to any other species until this last spring when a friend of mine invited me to go Crappie fishing. I'll cut to the chase. I wake up at night sometimes thinking about that spring. Never in my life have I caught fish like I caught Crappie last May. It was almost a fish on every cast for 4 days straight. I was fishing a size 14 Orange and green Czech Nymph, just letting it sink and hand twisting it back in. it's the only pattern I used all 4 days. Crappie on a 2wt rod (especially when you hook into a 13-15 inch fish) give a good fight. They use their flat body and work against you. If you get one with "Shoulders" you better hang on. We fished 2 days from the jetty and 2 from our pontoons. What I am trying to say is that these fish are currently #1 on my hot list. I would rather go Crappie fishing than Steelhead or trout fishing. I would rather CATCH crappie (as of this typing..lol, don't hammer me steelhead buffs) than any other fish right now. That 4 day fish fest...... pulling in fish after fish on my TFO 2wt is unmatched in all my years of fishing. The only thing better in current memory was catching my first trout on my first hand tied fly with my father. If you have Crappie available in your area PLEASE....GO THROW THEM A FLY!!!! Try to hit the spring spawn though, cause you won't have that kind of fishing action any other time of year. I cannot wait till May of 2009!! By the way all you fish eaters, battered crappie taste like shrimp. My wife dislikes the taste of fish but will eat a large amount of Crappie when we fry them up. Oh ya, and Crappie are spiny fish, and that means watch out, which is something my buddy FORGOT to tell me! Oops. Ah well... TO THE LAKE!!!
  13. oooh I think I'd eat that fly if I didn't know it would get stuck in my throat
  14. Sweet shot bro. You oughta frame that one up
  15. Bear Products: Bears and bear products (for example, bear teeth, claws, and rugs) are not permitted on eBay.
  16. Bear Products: Bears and bear products (for example, bear teeth, claws, and rugs) are not permitted on eBay. Answers the question..hehehe
  17. LOL, the Bay took it off. It's funny because I've seen polar bear (without a preban certificate) sell on ebay before. Ahh well, I'll just learn to tie with it! Thanks guys.
  18. They actually just took my Polar Bear Hair auctions on Ebay down but that's okay. I'll end up using someday I'm sure. I to am glad Charlie entrusted me with this collection. I marvel at it every day. One day my daughter will have it. She's my little buddy and she loves to fish and tie.
  19. LOL that would figure. I'll do some checking immediately.
  20. You guys RAWK!! I couldn't believe 200 people have already looked at this post. I think I'm going to make a video of everything and load it onto hook.tv I'll post when it's done. Thanks for all the cool replies. It's nice to finally have someone to share all this with. LOL on the security system...You got me thinking...lol. I have had multiple requests by members asking if I'm selling any of this and as of right now the only thing I'm selling is a few patches of the polar bear hair. here's the Ebay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=250323353321 As for the rest if it I need to learn a bit more about it before I sell any more. I'd actually rather trade stuff, but I gotta get my 40 posts in first. i'd trade for rods, reels, line ect. If you message me tell me what exactly you're interested in so i can narrow it down a little better. I've considered trying to learn to tie Salmon flies, but It seems overwhelming...especially when I look at Charlies flies..lol As for what I'm going to do with all this, I think I'm gonna keep most of it. I already have my 3 year old daughter tying with me and she loves all of the colorful feathers. I'm also thinking about teaching a few kids how to tie and take them fishing this next summer. There are a few who have expressed interest. I think Charlie would approve of that. Again, thank you for your funny, and inspiring posts. I love this forum!
  21. Hello Guys n gals! I wanted to share this room with everyone who is a fly fisher/tier. My fathers dear friend Charles Higgins of Richland Washington passed away last year and left me with the most incredible gift I could ever ask for (save my wife) I can't begin to explain this room in pictures, but I tried. Charlie started tying when he was 10 years old and he passed away at the age of 80. This is his lifelong collection. He mainly tied Atlantic Salmon flies but the room contains everything imaginable. Just an idea of what was included in this collection - roughly 20 rods (4 bamboo) and 20 reels, over 300 salmon and spey flies, and over 2000 hand ties dries, nymphs, emergers, hoppers, ect. Thousands of hooks, beads, eyes, more tinsel, floss and thread than sportsmans warehouse...lol. It also included necks, capes, every hair/fur/synthetic imaginable, bags and bags of chenelle, porcupine hair, mohair, an incredible library with hundreds of hours of reading possibilities, and the list goes on and on. I do not have pictures of everything (please forgive me) but someday I may! Please check the pictures I have in a google picasa album below! This first link is the pictures of the room how it was before I loaded it all in my truck. It's a beautiful thing to remember the room the way the master had it set up. http://picasaweb.google.com/Thebiglost/Edited# The second link is to the current album, and it has some nice pictures, including some of the flies and Salmon fly tying goods. http://picasaweb.google.com/Thebiglost/Edited02# Overall I am incredibly blessed to have this in my life. Often when I am tying in the middle of the night I can feel his old hands guiding mine, and his gruff matter of fact voice pressuring me to perfect my craft. Sometimes, when I am fishing on the Big Lost River with Charlie's hand made 5wt Powell rod and hand tied flies, I tear up.... and imagine what it would have been like to fish with my fathers old friend. What it would have been like to watch him cast, see him smile, and absorb his knowledge. I feel like I have in some relative way, honored Charlies collection now. Please enjoy these pictures and remember,..... What a beautiful sport we get to enjoy. What a beautiful man Charlie Higgins was.
  22. 4 years for me. I wish I would have started earlier in life because I last year I inherited a 60+ year FLY FISHING/TYING collection. The collection is so incredible I almost can't be in the same room as it because it completely overwhelms me. Maybe I'll post a video on hook.tv sometime so you guys can see it. Anyhow, I'm in it for life cause I do love it.
  23. Thanks old hat!! I appreciate your time. Looks like I better get posting.
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