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  1. Thanks. I have zone alarm pro and a router and while I experience no problems here the rodbuilding portion hates me. Once logged in any link I hit punts me off (as in not logged in. Even to read pm's I'll click on messages then have to log in again taking me to messages then if I pick one and click I have to logg in to read it. I just don't know. I wish I were an IT guy as well.
  2. Anyone here use ZoneAlarm??? I had my brother go over my problems remaining logged in to the rodbuilding section and he said that it was the interaction between zone alarm and the rodbuilding site(though it doesnt happen on this site)
  3. Ya never know,we may have passed each other on the Grand or somewhere.I would have been the guy not watching were my feet where being placed and thus stumbling all over the place. I'm generally distinquished by that and my poor casting . Cheers and good luck with the jacket
  4. Hi there Duffin Boy. My lovely wife got me the Cabela's back country packable wading jacket a christmas or two ago and its perfect.Its the shorty version and I know that its not exactly what you're looking at but your model should be even better. The model I have has a nice silent soft shell and is very wind/waterproof as well as packable .The hood is just right and well..I can't seem to think of a single thing wrong with it.It seems that the 05' version has a few more options soooo. Cheers and good luck in your decision. The flyfisher occasionally known as Coldreive
  5. I think that it is Zone Alarm.Right now everything seems to work or the RBF,I'll try and post and see. Thanks again for the tip. Cheers
  6. I use Zone Alarm (the upgraded version).I'll try with it disabled right now,thanks for the tip.
  7. Apparently I spoke too soon.It would seem that I will have to humble myself after all. Here on FTF I have no problems but as soon as I click on RBF I'm still a guest or on some rare occasions I enter it as myself but as soon as I click a sub-forum or attempt to post I'm booted back to guest status again. I'm lost now lol. I'll get my brother to check my rig but I've never experienced this before or even now on any other site.Could be my security not mixing with something on the site though . Thanks for the help regardless. Darrin
  8. Thank you very much SmallieHunter.Everything seems to be A ok,no problems at all. To be honest I was beginning to get frustrated.Trying to post something or reply 6-10 times to get it to take is one thing but typing with my dominant hand in a cast slowed it waaaay down even more. Thanks again for all your help.Now I won't have to listen to my brother berate me for not learning any IT skills. Two of his favourite sayings when I ask for help are: 1/ "The problem is between the seat and the keyboard" 2/ "Its an RTFM problem" as in read the $#%^&%g manual No he's not a nice guy lol
  9. I have a pair of the STL with the studd's(STL plus????) and while I really liked them for the first year you should be aware that the felt soles seperate from the boot.I've read of others having a similiar problem while asking for suggestions on how to fix mine so just an fyi. I really do like the shoe though and the traction is great.As well maybe they (chota) have fixed this problem or you could mention hearing of this while buying and get them to promise to fix it if it happens to you. The boots fit nice with a very quick lacing system,dry fairly fast and as I mentioned with the studds in the traction is wicked.I replaced the felt (on the heel,thats the part that separates) and they are back in business.A very nice boot. Cheers
  10. I dumped everything again and while everything works here on FTF as soon as I click on the rodbuilding the page still opens with me as a guest. . I'm going to have my brother go over my rig next time he's here as it may be my rig(he's an IT guy) Thanks for all the help
  11. I deleted everything again,closed explorer and even re-started my rig and the same thing happens????????????? Thanks for the help by the way.I guess its obvious by now that I'm not very computer literate.lol
  12. I logged in here,went to the rodbuilding forum/site? and logged in there and when I hit the bamboo part of the forum the page once again opened with me not logged in. Before that I deleted all cookies using tools-internet options and even got rid of my history etc just for the heck of it...no go. I'll try and go over all my security settings once the wee bairns are asleep but I have no similiar problems with any other site. Would dumping all my cookies lol get rid of the rodbuilding ones or do I have to do something specific??? thanks Darrin
  13. I seem to experience a login problem at the rodbuilding forum though not here. I login fine but any link I attempt to use opens the page with me no longer being logged in .Whether its a pm,opening a specific forum on the board or anything else when the page opens I'm un-logged in and am unable to post or pm etc. Got me??????
  14. I tried repetedly to both pm and site email but it wouldn't "paste" the tif files. The problem may very well be between the seat and keyboard but ??????
  15. The cardboard box method works fine but if you have any woodworking skills you can make a dryer pretty cheap. For a motor you can use a humidifier motor with a transformer (or whatever its called to change the voltage) and a plug with a couple of feet of wire from a lamp all of which you can get from Home Depot/Canadian tire etc. pretty cheap. I have a set of plans for the dryer/wrapper that I have (from a gentleman on rodbuilding.org) and if you want them let me know and I can email them to you or however you want. Just a note that I'm somewhat remiss in logging in at times
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