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  1. almost identical but change blue to purple and you got em!
  2. Toluene is nasty stuff, it's based on a Benzene ring structure and is a proven carcinagen. I would look for a more user friendly substitute.
  3. Mine are finished! 13 olive quills. I hope I don't disappoint too much, these are for practice right? Nick
  4. Almost there, I'm about 2/3....life gets in the way doncha know.
  5. cool! I wonder if you dropped the conehead and weighted the hookbend if it would fall horizontally like a Senko.
  6. I'm in: quill body BWO, probably size 16
  7. if there is a spot for me I'm in
  8. Those pics are excellent! You can count the wraps! Nice ties BTW(Christmas Clousers?)
  9. Congratulations! Kids are the best!!!!! that fly is amazing.
  10. Sticky

    Name the Species

    Coy? No, I have no clue
  11. Right, what Mark said. "Match the Hatch" is sort of a general term meaning to match the current forage. For trout it can be very specific concerning size and color of insects(mayflies, caddis). For bass try to match size and color of baitfish, crayfish and so forth(leeches). The general rule for tubes with conventional gear is to match the color of the bottom, do the same only with a wooly bugger.
  12. I've read that WD-40 is pretty common on Glo-bugs and other Steelhead flies, it contains anise I believe.
  13. Hourglass weights like on a Clouser Deep minnow or a 'Near 'Nuff crayfish.
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