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  1. did anyone recieve flies??????? How did they all go missing and why/how would the post office take 9 different packages, to nine different places, addressed by 9 different people, with postage prepaid? The postage is insignificant compaired to the time, effort, and cost to tie the flies. I'm glad I ommitted the jungle cock cheeks. This was my first swap and likely my last.
  2. not here yet either, Northern California. I thought someone posted earlier that they had recieved theirs, just before Christmas I think.
  3. Don't have mine yet either, while CanadaPost seems like an option, I don't think they're involved in delievery to sunny California.
  4. Flies will be done this weekend and in the mail on monday. please pm your address. I tied the miss sharon. Thanks
  5. I'll be tying either a blue smelt or miss sharon, I've got to finish some samples to decide for sure.
  6. This would be a first time thing for me, never having done a swap before, but if that's alright with everyone i'd like to give it a shot.
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