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  1. The easiest fly to tie in my opinion is the Globug. Just the plain ole yarn globug
  2. You may wanna try the lifter egg pattern. I can post it in the pattern database in a while.
  3. GregG.


    Thanks!! I got this off of The Bug Shop Site: Take Glo Bugs®Yarn in any color and cut it in 1/4 inch pieces. Put it in a spinning blade coffee grinder for a couple of seconds. It makes perfect dubbing for small flies! It sparkles and is real buggy! Sounds it could possible be pretty cool to use for a body on a jig
  4. 18 and under!!! lol Other wise I have no shot!!
  5. GregG.


    Been tying for a year now... Got everything I need for tying jigs except possibly dubbing.. So I would like to learn lol Any videos about dubbing?
  6. Yep... SH69 is right... 1/8th... I've been tying alot this summer for some reason and have taken alot of pics too... I've noticed that they have been looking alot better too.
  7. for steelhead free style.. Can that be something like a jig?
  8. What do you guys think of these... I think my fly/jig tying abilities have drastically improve over the last 6 months.... Rubber-legged yarnie My Version of a Shrimp jig Yarn Jig Palmered Marabou
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