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  1. I think it gets down a little quicker. I also added eyes because I believe a fly with eye produces more fish. Added epoxy: 1. to keep eyes on; 2. make fly more durable.
  2. Other than balance, I'm not quite sure what the importance of the reel might be on a 4-weight? Isn't it to store line at the end of the day?
  3. I hadn't been back to The Everglades since prior to the 2010 freeze. That cold killed most of the exotics. However, I heard fishing was hot down there, so I made the drive Wednesday morning. It's a little over 2 hours south of me. Didn't see another boat all day. I fly fished, using mainly a 3-weight and my Myakka Minnow. Conservatively, I estimate I caught and released 250 fish, including largemouth bass, bluegill, stumpknocker, shellcrcker, warmouth perch, gar and one Mayan cichlid. I litterally left the fish hitting. I rarely went two casts without at least a hit. Didn't notice the bubble-eye bass until after I uploaded the photos.
  4. Yep, Spirit River Bodi-Braid. Keen eye there, NJ!
  5. Thank all of you! And I will let you know!
  6. No, not ice dub. It's an EP brush. The other two are simply a palmered white hackle.
  7. No, the original DT did not have eyes. It was bascially a Stu Apte Tarpon Fly tied in all white. The tail feathers were splayed and the entire hook shank was wrapped. I do not splay the feathers.
  8. My go-to fly in the surf for snook is my DT Variation, an offshot of the original DT Special. I tweaked the original over the years to suit my needs. It has accounted for more than 5,000 snook in the surf, including fish to 40 inches.
  9. Although I've posted the Myakka Minnow previously, I've made some changes over the years. Used to be I fished the gold Myakka Minnow most of the time. However, I've found that copper works well in tannin-stained water. Black is best in The Everglades. The fly works for species feeding on minnows. It can be tied on any size hook to meet your needs.
  10. I recently spoke at the Suncoast Fly Fishers in St. Petersburg. I was also their guest fly tyer. I tied up several Gibby's DT Variations. In the club's latest newsletter, I saw a photo of Tom's Greenback Minnow. The fly looked very nice. So, I decided to cook up a batch. I used white Polar Flash for the underbody and olive Fly Fur for the top. I coated the stick-on eyes with Goop. Tom told me he uses 5-minute epoxy as a coating. Can't wait to give these a try.
  11. Since the wind has been up, I have been fooling around with some designs for beach snook. Although I'm partial to my Gibby's DT Variation, you never know what the fish want. I tried out a couple of HOTS Fly protypes and did well, catching and releasing several snook to 26 inches and seatrout to 25. The fly suspends well -- which is important in the surf. Should work on most any species.
  12. Fred, Where did you get the Fish Skulls? Did you order them?
  13. I'm am sponsored by TFO and like their rods very much. However, I would go with a TiCRX, Axiom or BVK over the Teeny. I had a Teeny 6-weight and it wasn't my favorite.
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