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  1. It's been a blast, but I'm having troubles getting out enough. Work is getting in the way, lol. The hardest part is just moving on, I could fish carp daily I think and the trout have been a lot of fun yet nothing over 18.5" for rainbows or browns, locals say those are more common in Fall while they rush the minnows along the shores. I have done a tonne of scouting though and next year I intend to pursue bigger fish. We even stumbled onto a lake that has no name or access but holds fish, I am guessing trout but I won't fish it in case its a rehab project. I certainly have found some gems as far as lakes go and can almost plan a whole year next year via My journal.
  2. Well the excitement is still geared towards giving the trout a bit of a settle till they come to life in fall but I did manage a brookie finally after much concern. They aren't in many waters out here. It's soon time to hit the minnow pools and hopefully some dam fishing will add a few more sucker species and with any luck a burbot, which I still claim will be My toughest to catch on the year. Here is species 10 not a big one but a brook trout My guess was between 10 and 12". The cage in the photo is what I have been using till I get My camera set up, this fish is happily back in his water. Time to set the macro on the camera, for My minnow adventures, chubs and shiners can be a blast, too bad I don't have a 2 wt.
  3. Last day out was a Carpy day, 10 carp in 5 hours the biggest welcome was the mirror, only My second ever and I am dying to put a fighting butt on the fly rod about now. The triple yellow craft ball on hairs AKA corn hair fly worked well but got really muddy so I may have to scotch guard them so they keep their color. Biggest was 35" and there were atleast 5 on the day over 30"
  4. Nice, thanks for the help. I didn't find the dealies for the troll but found at the dollar store, small suction cups that are clear, I put a hole in them with a hot wire and believe I'm getting the same effect but haven't tried on the fish yet. Great idea and for $1.00 I have 4 of them. I always take two rods fishing, One with a streamer or leech like pattern and the other usually has a cat swimmer on it as it has been My most successful fly this year. I will try the leech in the morning with the suction cup. I much prefer to sit and cast but it gets tough especially with the winds out here. I saw a rig on a guys line that fascinated Me. It was a small silver clouser but that wasn't the cool part. Along His leader He had 4 pieces of reflective silver scale tape shaped like minnows. It looked like the clouser was chasing them and I could see it across the lake as He casted out. He said it was easy to cast as long as You kept a wide loop and added a small swivel up Your leader from it all. He caught twice what I did that day and some monsters. I am thinking that this acts like a willow leaf troll for fly fishermen. Has anyone else used this technique?
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by oxquo: Zonker Donker
  6. It seems to drive the tigers nuts but on another lake stocked with bows, browns and possibly every perch in the country has been cloned and placed in there, which of course ends My 100% catch and release policy because I intend on taking 25 home per visit just to help thin the populations. This fly did very little. I managed an 18 inch rainbow but thats it. Backswimmers seem to land the trout like crazy there sadly, the lifespan of a backswimmer is only about 25 perch. Even going to a caddis fly the perch were surfacing for it. and We stayed right till 11 pm which is when I decided that perch don't sleep in this lake at night either. Back to this fly, it does work great and looks great. It has worked in brown as well from size 6 down to size 12. I think I may even try it in a mohair leech style.
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by oxquo: Ice Bugger
  8. I don't know if this is what they refer to as the Tokaryk, but this is the fly that worked for Me. So as to not cause a confusion if this is not the exact fly. I will list it in the pattern data base as Ice Bugger since I used Ice chenille instead of crystal chenille, either way, it turned out to be a great fly and even the day after the fly fishing derby it produced 2 of My biggest Tiger Trout and I don't want to mention the one that broke off again. Well worth carrying even if You feel too advanced to fish buggers.
  9. thanks for the fly research, I went out yesterday the day after the fly fishing derby and managed My personal bests twice, then I snapped off on a monster at shore due to My line wrapping up on a twig. Both 22" and 25" were caught on a black and green ice chenille size 10 2x nymph and the hook then swam away with what must have been a monster. He hit and ran with just his back out of the water for 20 yards before I noticed My line was in a mess. Awesome fight though and very productive pattern. There was even a huge fish in about 2' of water that showed interest a few times but not in any other fly. He must've been caught recently as He would follow up quickly and then disappear. As for the derby, not sure how it went but people remember the purpose of a catch and release lake and derby is that the fish live, Please take time to revive Your catch, I saw atleast half a dozen freshly dead fish on the lake bottom, it was simply disgusting. Anyways thanks for the fly research.
  10. Penguins hahaha. Well they are getting better. I think if I were trying for panfish I might use two more legs at the back in maybe pink or chartreuse. But for now these work fine. Thanks for the compliments. These things work really well out here and because they are a snap to tie, I don't mind using them from shore. Unlike Prince nymphs that still take Me forever to tie.
  11. Congrats !!! I can't say that the trophies go mental for My flies either but they do catch fish and it does feel great, especially when a guy next to You is using store bought and blanks all day. What Your fly looks like in the water is way more important than what it appears like on the vise. First time I saw My BH bunny leech this year I swore it was a leech and My fly was behind it somewhere. I have truly found the best success though looking into local fly clubs and finding out what the hot flies are and then making them up the best You can. Bigger fish will come in time and do Yourself a favor, don't look at last years flies next year and decide they aren't worth fishing. Over the Winter You'll find that You get better and better, but the old guys still work great. Best of luck on further catches...
  12. I have submitted this pattern as it seems to be driving the bows browns and Perch mental. Remember I tie pretty poorly and also just before going out so I hurry too. This fly is easy to tie, fast, effective and cheap. Tear up an old black or craw colored spinner bait skirt, for legs. The wire I got out of an old TV cable cord. A rubber black latex balloon for the back and kitty fur from the inlaws peach colored cat for the body. If I were taking more time to tie it I would have widened the head a touch. I also tried using a 3mm brass bead for the air bubble since I had no silver beads left we'll see how that one works. The reason for no fancy tying is that almost every trout lake out here seems to have perch or walleye fry in them. I did get a 28 fish day though on one fly and 15 of them were perch so it is durable.
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by oxquo: Cat Swimmer
  14. It totally was but I'd have caught more trout if the perch were gone. They were even hitting topwater. I switched to a bigger backswimmer and caught a few the size of My size 10 2x beetle. I am seriously considering eating a few perch this Summer, as many as possible. The lake has a 1 trout limit but as a pest I will stick to perch. This Weekend, as I can see by the rain is the Trout Festival so those fish are gonna get schooled pretty well this weekend. For the trout festival they stocked 55 Adult Browns again. I am hoping to fish the other side of the derby if possible as the lakes are across the road from one another. Several Master angler awards have been caught in there and I have a touch of Brown Trout fever after catching My first. That is specimen 8 and 9 on the year, only 21 more to go and Fall is not here yet. Found it strange lately out here though, Pike are in the spawning bays kinda late. Carp are revving up for spawn as well and the crawdads are spawning which is driving the carp nuts and shallow, shallow enough to get a fly to them on a windy day.
  15. Thanks a ton, sounds a lot like the fly I tied before I knew what it was. I tied Mine with olive hackle though and an olive marabou tail with peacock ice chenille. I'm gonna try the brown and black though, thanks for the info, I did try google but only saw the name a ton of times. Much appreciated ....
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