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  1. I have fished for Grayling on the Pine River in BC. We used size 12, 14 and 16 Tom Thumbs in mixed natural and orange. They had almost a strike every cast.
  2. Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking along those lines as well but was wondering if anybody had another radical ideas. Thanks - appreciated.
  3. I am a diabetic , I have a rather expensive insulin pump that I wear 24X7. At the moment I have neoprene waders and have not really found a good place to secure my pump other than on my briefs, It's a clip mount. I know it might be a long shot but, I'll ask anyway........... If you are a diabetic and on a pump with an insertion point can I ask you what type of waders you have and how do you secure your pump?
  4. Floatfisher


    Happens almost every year. They are chum salmon crossing the road from an overflow or tributary of the Skokomish River in Washington.
  5. The fishing looks really good to me! Just have to nug in between the other fishers for some room! https://explore.org/livecams/brown-bears/br...am-brooks-falls Lots of different "LIVE" cams including an under water sockeye cam
  6. I have 1 of these: https://www.mobius-actioncam.com/ I use it for a dash cam. It is so small that it is very hard to see just above my mirror. You can get various options to do what you want with it. I also have a super capacitor in it instead of a battery and it only functions when my ignition is on. If you use the battery you can have it set to turn on with motion. Worth a read about it on the website. Also in use in the RC community because of it's size and weight.. Great for RC planes..
  7. Are we not an INCLUSIVE forum? If we are then it really doesn't matter if we use "American English" or "the Queen's English" and spelling. We all know what we are conversing about anyway.
  8. I know my 5 brothers in law do not tie their own! They steal them from me to stock up when we are fishing together :-(
  9. When I was out ocean fishing for salmon using my 8wt and Rio Versa-tip, I needed to get wayyy down quickly. I made a T17 sinking tip and it solved the problem. Get yourself some Tungsten line, it comes in various sink rates(weight) as whatfly said. Make your own sink tip. You will also notice a huge pull on your back cast. Check out Ebay or Amazon for it.
  10. On the banks of the Fraser River in South West, British Columbia, Canada
  11. Check out this attachment and then tell me your opinion on whethter they are going to reproduce or not! timeline_Atlantic_salmon_Pacific-Coast.pdf
  12. Go to it people! Catch as many as you can! http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/environment/oops-after-accidental-release-of-atlantic-salmon-fisherman-being-told-catch-as-many-as-you-want/
  13. Definitely YES! They sure look like what we in BC call Chironomids and they are deadly under an indicator in the early spring on lakes for trout.
  14. Nice fly and nice video. I'll have to give it a try!
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